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Do You Really Know Cryolipolysis?

  • Author: Caroline LiuDate:06-11-2019

If you are looking for a professional cryolipolysis machine, before to make a decision, please follow my blog to get some important information. It will only cost you some minutes, but you are not get only of that.


What Is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis, we also call it fat freezing or cryo therapy machine.The frozen fat-dissolving technology is to place the frozen fat-dissolving device on the surface of human skin, make the subcutaneous tissue cooling to 4 degrees, fat cells will age prematurely and die, excreted by metabolism, and then get the slimming result.
Compare to other slimming treatment, it is a comfortable and no side effect way to get the result.

Does It Really Work?

At the first time, esthician will apply a membrane on the target area, then use the cooling cup on the skin. You will feel more and more cool, at the end, you will not feel so cold. Each area about 60 minutes.

-procedure, you will see result after 2 or 3 treatment. But result also vary from person to person, cause of the body condition. Before the Cooling treatment, can do some Radio Frequency operation, promote systemic blood circulation, which can do help for the slimming result.


How Dose It Cost?

Price is depend on the treatment you order, and the area you do. Usually price will be US$750 per hour. Before you do the treatment, must consult with the salon or beauty spa.

How Many Treatment Should I Do?

Treatment time will be each 1.5 month, we usually can see result from 1- 3 months, the result is vary from people to people.

Freezing fat is a non-invasive, healthy, safe way for loss the fat cellulite. It is suitable for people who are not fat overall, but who have partial stubborn fat really hard to throw away.

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