Difference Between Radio frequency and Micro-current

  • Author: Cathy QiuDate:01-24-2019

What is Radio frequency?

Radio frequency is non-invasive technology, It can penetrate the skin to dermis layer and heat up to 40~60 degrees, which can promote blood circulation and stimulate collagen production, finally reach results of tightening skin, improving fine lines, wrinkles and smoothing skin.

What is Micro-current?

Micro-current is a very popular method with low electrotherapy that re-educates, retrains, and strengthens facial muscles by repeated treatments. It not only strengthens the muscles under the skin but also promotes blood circulation which can make you look younger.

What is the difference between them?

1. The treatment frequency is different.
Radio frequency each week cannot over 3 times. But micro-current can use every day. For example, I can use it as a medium when I doing hydrating, I can use it to massage and help my skin absorb better. But radio frequency needs to use with ultrasonic gel, and professional massage skill to lifting skin.
2. The theory is different.
Radio frequency act on the skin dermis, though heating the dermis to promote collagen regeneration and achieve a result in skin tightening, skin lifting.
Micro-current acts on the muscles of the subcutaneous tissue, by simulating cell bioelectricity and breaks the facial muscles to produce more ATP, which is the energy required for collagen synthesis. Thereby increasing collagen, tightening the skin and promoting lymphatic drainage.
3. Radio frequency focus on repairing skin, remove wrinkle
Micro-current focus on anti-aging, precaution.

We can see most of the beauty machine combines radio frequency and micro-current in one handle or in one machine, which will have a better function on skin care.

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