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Cryolipolysis for double chin testimony

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I’ve tried for years to get rid of my double chin, I tried to eat weight loss pills and do exercises.
But failed over and over again.

One day, I got a free trial on a salon annual promotion for skin moisturization. It is free, so I made
an appointment with a beautician. She is very nice and explained the procedure about the treatment. Her skillful operation makes me very comfortable. Only one treatment I feel my face
smooth and elastic. Excellent result!
I talked with the beautician about my double chin problem, and she introduced me a machine especially for double chin and have an instant result. It is cryolipolysis therapy, Which is a technology by controlling the application of cooling within the temperature range of +5 to -10 degree works on the fat cellulite, which causes fat cells death of subcutaneous fat tissue, without apparent damage to the overlying skin. and the dead fat cells will drain out of body together with metabolism. I was so excited, and I cannot wait to try.

During treatment, the beautician cleaned the treatment area, and use a membrane on it. And then put a handle on my double chin, I can feel my double chin was sucked by the handle and it is freezing. Beautician asked me if I can bear the cold temperature, and I said it is ok. After 20 minutes, the beautician takes down the handle and cleaned my treatment area. My double chin is a little red and swollen, I was told it is normal after cryolipolysis treatment, and it would disappear after several hours. Then I would see the result.

In the evening, I found that my double chin smaller than before, I am very happy I finally find a way to solve my double chin problem. After that I went to the salon for once a month. Now my double chin gone away, I am very satisfied with it.

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