Cooling Frozen Fat Treatment Reviews

  • Author: ericDate:06-15-2019

Jessica025 :I have the Cooling Frozen Fat machine in November, I was told it would take 5-6 treatments to see the result, and they also told me it can only use one time one month, I have been used three times now ,and I had an amazing result .there was no downtime, no pain, just the feeling of the cold was a bit weird. really love this machine

Spae401: I just wanted to share my experience with Cooling fat frozen treatment. I want to get rid of my unwanted pouch on my lower belly. I exercise a lot and eat really well, but nothing helped to get rid of it. then I had a Cooling fat frozen treatment 3 months (one month one treatment ). The results have been amazing. I am so happy!

Garza 2012: I was really unsure about trying out Cooling Frozen fat removal treatment because I thought I would be able to achieve my body goals on my own, But after years of trying to lose weight on my stomach, I finally decided to give it a try. The treatment is not taking too long , the first time I had about 35 mins .and it is really comfortable ,the most feeling you have is cold ,nothing else .after having cooling frozen fat treatment on my love handles and stomach , I am so glad that I had the treatments, 10 weeks later and my results are amazing , I am now thinking about doing another area, well worth the money spent, feeling more confident than ever .

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