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What Is The Cooled RF Radio Frequency Facial Lifting Machine?

  • Author: ZalmanDate:11-25-2020

With the age increase, personal skin will get loosed because of the collagen will get less and less. Most of women will try many method to lifting skin, lightening the wrinkles and skin tightening, tried a lot of way to make them look young and beautiful. And now the cooled radio frequency is super good technology to removal wrinkles without pain, this is the safe system too. Many beauty spa use this kind of machine to do treatment for their client.

What Is Cooled Radio FrequencyTreatment Machine?

Cooled radio frequency treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical system for skin rejuvenation, cooled radio frequency facial RF machine is the radio frequency with the cooling function, keep the skin surface temperature at about 10-15 degree, when the radio frequency working to the deep skin dermis, radio frequency will warm up for 38-45 degree at the deep, promote skin collagen, speed up the blood circulation, good for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, at the same time, the cooling function will help the skin, during the treatment, the skin keep cooling down, better for protect the skin from burning by hot.

After the ice RF radio frequency treatment, you can feel the skin is lifting up, but the skin would not get red, no need recovery time, cam make up soon, ice rf facial skin rejuvenation is the most popular beauty system now.

What Functions Of Cooled Radio Frequency?

A. Wrinkles removal
Cooled radio frequency facial machine use the electric wave to produce heat energy, which can directly work on the deep layer of the skin, stimulate the rapid movement or vibration of ions, charger colloidal particles in the body, active skin cells, improve skin collagen.

B. Removal double chin
Cooled radio frequency RF facial machine can lifting up the skin, which make you double skin looks tightening, so that get the double chin lightening.

C. Skin lifting
Radio frequency is the popular system for skin lifting, the heat energy working on the skin deep, helps to get the skin cells active and collagen get more and more, make your skin looks lifting up.

D. Butterfly sleeve arm lifting
Most of lady have the butterfly sleeve arm, what make them feel no good, and now this cooling rf machine radio frequency can help to lightening this problem, radio frequency tightening the loosed skin, lifting up, then the arm will get tightening, good shape.

Where Can I Do Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

You can use the cooling face RF machineto do treatment on face, forehead, eyes around, chin, neck and arm. Good for skin tightening, wrinkles removal.

How Long Can I Get Result By Colded Radio Frequency Treatment?

The result is different according to the skin situation, and health situation, someone can see the result after the first treatment, but as normal, most of person can see the good result after the first session of treatment, one session of treatment is for 10 times. If you want to get the better result and last for longer time, we recommend you to do the complete 3 sessions of treatment.

What Products Should I Apply When Do Cooled Radio Frequency Facial RF Treatment?

You must use the ultrasonic gel or radio frequency gel on the treatment area to protect skin, and get the heads working in better situation. As my experience, someone say it can not feel the radio frequency working when he get the machine, but when they apply the gel on the treatment area, will feel the skin working. So please do not forget to apply the gel during treatment.

What Is The New Cooled Radio Frequency RF Facial Machine Now?

New arrived cooled radio frequency RF radio frequency beauty machine, model MS-1161
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