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What Are Cooled Radio Frequency Facials?

  • Author: Daisy HeDate:11-26-2020

Due to age and increased pressure on life, and neglect of skin care and other reasons, wrinkles slowly climb up the face, making us gradually get older, the skin gradually relaxes, no longer as smooth and firm as young. Wrinkles are the biggest enemy of women, especially older women. Everyone wants to look young and beautiful and keep youth forever. Therefore, the removal of wrinkles has become the most concerned issue for many beautiful women. The appearance of beauty instruments has taught people that skin care is not just about simple skin care products. The aging phenomenon causes the skin and muscles to lose their elasticity, but the cooled radio frequency machine can re-pull the skin and remove the fat from specific areas, making the skin look younger. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-bleeding, non-acupuncture, painless technique. Mainly by the electric wave on the skin to form a resistance to generate heat, acting on the deep dermis of the skin. Because it does not need to be cut, it will not leave scars, painless, and comfortable, it is very popular among many people. So is the cooled radio frequency good? Let's take a look at the related content.

What Is Cooled RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine?

Radio Frequency is the high-frequency current, referred to as RF. Radio frequency waves directly penetrate the skin, and the impedance formed by the skin causes the cells to generate strong resonance rotation and generate heat energy to achieve the purpose of heating the collagen tissue and heating the fat cells, so that the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin is instantaneously increased, and the stimulation of the dermis layer is utilized. It produces immediate collagen tightening and stimulates collagen regeneration.

How Does Cooled RF Radio Frequency Treatment Work?

Cooled radio frequency treatment is used for beauty. Its working principle is to send electric waves to the subcutaneous tissue. The resistance of the tissue to the electric wave causes the water molecules in the tissue to instantaneously oscillate at high speed. The ions of different sizes and masses rub against each other or with the surrounding medium to generate heat. During this process, the collagen fibers in the dermis will shrink and stimulate the dermis to form new collagen fibers, which again lifts up the skin's scaffold and restores skin elasticity.


Why Do We Need Cooled Radio Frequency?

The use of heat alone can easily burn the skin, making the results of the beauty counterproductive. Ice waves have a unique smart skin cooling system. By pre-cooling the epidermis, most of the RF energy is pushed towards the deeper dermis layer. In this way, while protecting the epidermis from burns, the heat is concentrated on the bottom layer of the skin, which is more effective in stimulating the regeneration of collagen in the dermis. It takes constant cooling of the epidermis and deep heating of electric waves as the core technology to achieve the effect of "surface cooling and deep heating".First, the intelligent epidermal cooling system is used to ensure that the skin is comfortable and not damaged. Then, the electric wave is used to generate heat energy to directly reach the deep layer of the skin and heat the dermal collagen tissue to complete the wrinkle-removing process.

What Is The Advantage Of Cooled Radio Frequency Beauty Machine?

1. Safe and effective. It is non-surgical, non-anesthetic, non-invasive and highly safe. Since there is no knife, no pain, no injection, there is no "pain in the skin." The intelligent skin cooling system has the effect of reducing the thermal sensation of the epidermis, protecting the epidermis from burns, and concentrating heat on the bottom layer of the skin, which is more effective in stimulating the regeneration of collagen in the dermis.
2. Fast. Immediately tightens the skin, and once treated, the relaxed skin instantly feels the lifting and firming effect.
3. Lasting. After treatment, the body's repairing effect will be initiated, and the skin collagen will be continuously renewed, and the elastic fiber will be further tightened. In the 2-6 months after receiving the ice buff, the wrinkles become shallower and disappear, and the skin is rejuvenated.

How Does The Whole Treatment Process Feel?

Step 1: Cooling. When the beauty machine is turned on and the probe touches the skin, your skin will feel comfortable and cool.
Step 2: Thermal energy goes directly to the deep skin. When the heat energy is released, you can feel a short wave radiating heat in the deep tissue of the skin, which diffuses from inside to outside. At this time, the thermal energy of radio waves has effectively stimulated collagen, thus prompting its immediate contraction and gradually tightening the skin.
Step 3: Cool again. When the thermal energy of the radio wave decreases to the lowest point, the experiencer can feel the cool feeling on the skin surface.

What Is The Functions Of Cooled Radio Frequency Beauty Machine?

1. Firming the skin. Effectively remove fine lines on the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, jaws, etc.; restore skin, lift and smooth;
2. Tighten and lift the loose skin. Such as lifting the drooping eyelids, slacking the chin, making the eyes bigger and more radiant, making the facial lines more three-dimensional;
3. Repair stretch marks and body anti-aging. Improves skin's metabolism, tightens the back, trims the chest shape, shapes the waist and abdomen, and improves the shape of the face, buttocks, and legs.
4. Improve skin wrinkles: Remove all fine lines and tighten the skin directly. Remove fine lines from the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, and lower jaw.
5. Tightening and lifting the skin: such as lifting the drooping eyelids and relaxing chin.
6. Improve the big face and baby fat: the face is firm, the liposuction is omitted, and it is obviously younger.
7. Easily restore the slim neck.
8. Remove the butterfly sleeve and cellulite to effectively modify the arm curve.

What Is The Difference Between RF and Cooled RF Radio Frequency?

When the ordinary RF heat energy from the outside to the inside, the energy received by the epidermis is high. The heat is mainly concentrated in the epidermis and the superficial layer of the dermis, so that the epidermal cells shrink immediately after being heated, resulting in an effect. However, the pain during treatment will cause redness on the skin after surgery. The cooled radio frequency machine technology utilizes skin cooling technology. The electric energy is diffused from the inside to the outside and is exposed to the hot spot in the dermis layer so that the thermal energy spreads to the whole layer of the dermis. The deep temperature of the dermis is heated to cause the collagen tissue to be absorbed immediately, and the deep collagen is stimulated and the therapeutic effect is stimulated. Lasting effective. And the skin does not appear red, the treatment process is safe and comfortable. Effectively stimulates collagen regeneration, so there is no side effect on the skin during treatment.


How Long Last of Cooled Radio Frequency Machine Treatment?

- How Long Last of Cooled Radio Frequency Machine Treatment?
It needs to be determined according to the specific treatment site and its range and degree of aging. The entire treatment process is within two hours.
- Will The Process Be Painful?
No. The released energy and release rate of RF are tightly controlled, while the smart skin cooling system prevents heat from burning the skin. The treatment process does not require anesthesia, which is truly safe, comfortable and worry-free.
- How Long Will You See The Treatment Effect?
Depending on the age and skin conditions, most people will have a skin firming and lifting effect when they are treated for the first time. After a course of treatment, the skin becomes firmer, smoother and rejuvenated.

The above is about the cooled radio frequency machine. Knowing this, do you want to experience this high-tech impulse? Oh, always welcome your inquiry.

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