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10 Things You Need To Know About Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment

  • Author: Sophia ChenDate:11-24-2020

With the increase of age, or the burden of life stress of women in the workplace, in daily life, they often do not pay attention to skin care, wrinkles are slowly climbing on our face, making us gradually become older, and the skin gradually relaxes. Our skin is not as smooth and tender as when we are young, the wrinkles on our face are also growing. To Keep youthful and fresh, removing wrinkles has become the most concerned issue for many beautiful women. Ice electric wave peel machine is a good improvement for this problem. Here I share a cooled radiofrequency device. This is a multi-functional RF instrument that effectively removes the wrinkle on our face and uses high-tech technology to achieve a safe and effective skin care effect.

What Is Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

The cooled radio frequency treatment is the core technology with constant cooling of the skin surface and heating in the deep place of the skin, achieving the "ice electric" effect of "surface cooling, deep heating". In the process of wrinkle removal, the temperature of the skin surface is kept at about 10-15 °C through the intelligent skin cooling system to ensure the skin is not damaged from the heat. Then radio frequency reaches the deep layer of the skin and stimulates the skin. The medium ions and charged colloidal particles produce rapid movement or vibration, and friction generates heat energy. At the same time, under the action of polar molecular resonance technology, the ice electrophoresis heats the collagen tissue of the dermis, which immediately shrinks and stimulates the collagen to proliferate. Thereby rebuilding the fibrous tissue, restoring the elasticity of the skin, tightening the loose skin, completing the process of removing wrinkles, achieving a long-lasting skin lifting and firming effect.


How Does Cooled Radiofrequency Machine Remove Wrinkle?

Radio freuqency of cooled radiofrequency machine enters the subcutaneous tissue to generate thermal energy from the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue. When the temperature reaches 38 to 45 degrees Celsius, the collagen produces an immediate contraction, while stimulating the dermis to secrete more new collagen to fill the contraction. Loss of collagen vacancies, which again lifts up the skin's scaffold and restores skin elasticity. After 3 months to 6 months of cooled radiofrequency treatment, it will also initiate the body's repairing effect.


What Are The Advantages of Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

1) Skin collagen regeneration
The radio frequency can directly reach the deep layer of the skin, effectively stimulate the collagen tissue of the skin, promote the continuous renewal of collagen, and achieve the natural firmness and enhancement of the skin.
2) Safe and non-invasive
Non-invasive, non-surgical peeling, no anesthesia for operation, no recovery period for the skin, and does not affect the normal life of the therapist.
3) The effect is obvious
After treatment, the treatment area can immediately feel a significant sense of contraction, and after about one month, the effect of firming and pulling can be seen, and the effect will become more and more obvious.
4) High comfort
The cooled radio frequency system that continuously cools the skin to around 15 °C to avoid burns and make the whole process safer and more comfortable.
5) High stability
The instrument cools and heats up quickly. No need to wait for the conversion of heat or cold and the intelligent protection prevents burns.


The Unique Efficacy of Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment

First, immediately skin tightening effect
It can make the loose skin feel the upward pulling and firming effect immediately after treatment.
Second, long-lasting regeneration effect
The long-lasting regenerative effect is that during the two to six months after treatment, the stimulated dermis collagen will gradually proliferate, thus promoting the dermis to restore firmness and elasticity, and the wrinkles become shallower and gradually disappear.


Who Is Suitable For The Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

1) People in the 25-40 age group are available to both men and women.
2) People with loose skin and small wrinkles on the face.
3) People with loose body parts.
4) Promote skin metabolism and increase skin elasticity.
5) Tighten and lift loose skin.
6) Repair or reduction of stretch marks in postpartum women.
7) Systemic anti-aging (for neck and back tightening and shaping, chest shape adjustment, waist, and abdomen shaping, shaping hip shape, leg shape, eliminating facial baby fat, radio wave peeling effect is obvious.
8) Neck tightening wrinkles.
9) Improve facial contour, double chin.

Who Should Avoid The Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

1) People who have just undergone plastic surgery.
2) Patients with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, severe thyroid, malignant tumors, etc.
3) In the allergic period and severely sensitive skin.
4) The skin has wounds.
5) Excessive aging population.
6) Pregnant women, surgery recovery period.
7) People with skin diseases and infectious diseases.
8) It is strictly forbidden to wear any metal objects during treatment.
9) Please tell the doctor if you have had other plastic surgery before treatment.
10) Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. are also not suitable for radio wave skin surgery.

What Should We Do After The Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

1) Please strengthen moisturizing and sunscreen;
2) It is best not to use alcohol, fruit acid and scrub products within 1-3 days after treatment.
3) Remember not to wash your face with hot water within 1-3 days after treatment.
4) Please do not take hot springs and sauna within 1-3 days after treatment.
5) It is normal that you feel dry of the skin after the cooled radiofrequency treatment. Pay attention to the moisturizing. It is recommended to apply the moisturizing mask at least 3 times a week.

What Is the Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment Procedure?

Ten times for a course of treatment is recommended. There will be a clear tightening effect after one treatment. After a course of treatment, the skin is firming and tender, the face is gradually full, and the pores are fine. After three courses of treatment, the skin has a clear outline, the skin is firm and elastic, and the fine lines are smoothed, the double chin disappears.

What Is The Side Effect of Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

1) A small number of people may have a transient reddening or swelling after cooled radiofrequency treatment, it will disappear after a few hours;
2) Some people may have normal epidermis after cooled radiofrequency treatment, but have the feeling of fever in the deep layer of the skin, it is normal and will disappear the next day;
3) Some people have strong endurance and high energy consumption. There is no special feeling after the operation, but there is a painful feeling when you press the skin by hand. It is a normal phenomenon and it will disappear in about three days.

How Long Does The Effect Will Last After Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment?

The effect of cooled radiofrequency treatment varies depending on the individual's skin care maintenance. It can last for about 2-3 years. The latest research indicates that after multiple treatments, better results can be achieved, and it is recommended to repeat the cooled radiofrequency treatment after 3 to 6 months.

The effect of cooled radiofrequency treatment is a surprise to the beautiful women, many people are willing to try it, it is a safe and effective skin tightening and wrinkle removal project. Would you want to have a try?

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