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Cavitation Weight Loss Testimony

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Kathy trip: ”It’s a good product for the price. It does work. You do need to use ultrasound gel with it. I have a fat belly, before weight is 75 kgs, after use cavitation for weight loss, weight became 62 kgs, my fat belly just weight gone and tighten, I’ve enjoyed the results.”

FW: I am glad about this results in my arms, it is tightened and thin. Although physical therapy takes longer time, it works. Now I am going to do this with my other fat part on my body.

Gigipaula39: I weigh 125lbs and in good shape but have cellulite in certain areas. The treatments with the 40Khz probe work wonder provided you are on a clean diet and exercise regularly. I ‘be had so far 7 treatments on my buttocks area and had excellent results.

Nabihah: It really worked! I just wanted some spot reduction on my thighs and it really worked wonders. My thighs look great!

Alex: It works very well with proper diet and extreme cardio. At least for me, it helped me Lose lower belly fat and help define my abs with 5 treatments

Cavitation physiotherapy operation course:

2-3 time per week, 15-20 minutes at a time, Three months is a course of treatment.

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