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Cavitation RF Beauty Machine vs Lipo Laser Beauty Machine

  • Author: Lynn ZhongDate:06-25-2019

As we know, both cavitation rf machine and lipo laser machine are popular in weight loss area. Would you like to know the difference between them, which do better on fat loss?

What Is Cavitation RF?

Cavitation, the high-frequency wave such as the 40Khz, 30khz, 25khz aim at fat cells, cause the fat cells shock, the fat cells will break into fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they are broken down and glycerol is delivered to the circulatory system to provide energy to the body. Finally, we will see the effect on weight loss.

RF, the high-frequency radio wave vibrates 1 million times per second, penetrate to the epidermis layer, directly to the dermis, deeply heating the collagen cells, then stimulate the growth of collagen fibers, which makes a lot of new collagen to support the skin and become more compact and elasticity. Then the skin becomes more tighten and lift.

Combining cavitation and rf is a logical approach to achieve skin tightening and weight loss. As we all know, the skin texture will be changed after fat cells broken, so rf can promote the collagen cells rebirth to help the skin texture recovery elasticity and firm the skin.

Popular Cavitation RF Machine

The cavitation and rf function can be used singly or used together. When they use together, you will save time and see a better result.

1. 8 in 1 cavitation rf machine, which is our hot sell model, the 40K cavitation for body fat loss, the 3 pcs rf probes for body face skin tightening wrinkle removal, and extra vacuum rf removal fat, hot cold hammer open the pores or calm down the skin, microcurrent photon probe for skin rejuvenation. It is a multifunctional beauty salon machine.


2. S Shape cavitation rf machine, the special 30K cavitation which can get a better result than 40k, and it is a cavitation&rf 2 in 1 probe. Using them together, you can save more time. The new design is welcomed in the market and the customers already gave good feedback.


What Is Lipo Laser Machine

The laser emits low levels of laser energy, and the laser that heats the fat cells in the treatment area causing the cells to break down. The introduced heat on the treated area stimulates collagen production to give a smooth, tightened and sculptured result.

There are different lipo laser machines. Depending on the energy, there are 5mw lipo laser, 160mw lipo laser, etc. The 5mw lipo laser keeps the effect of losing weight and the 160mw laser will burn the fat directly. Depending on the wavelength, there are 650nm and 980nm type, etc.

Popular Lipo Laser Machine

1. The 160mw lipo laser 650nm weight loss machine, the machine has 12 big pads and 4 small pads. The big pads for the big area such as belly, leg, etc. The small pads for the small area such as the arm. The 160mw energy will have a good effect on weight loss. It can be used in the salon, spa or at home.


2. The 160mw dual wavelength 650nm 980nm machine, it is a special dual wavelength type. The two wavelengths can work together, Wave 650nm accelerates blood circulation, and wave 980nm goes deep into the skin tissues, making weight lost efficiently. The effect is visible in a short time. It is a professional lipo laser slimming salon machine, but more expensive than the only 650nm lipo laser machine.


The Difference Between Cavitation RF And Lipo Laser

Although both cavitation rf machine and lipo laser machines have the same effect on losing weight, there are still some differences.
1. The effects are different. The cavitation rf not only has the effects on weight loss but also skin tightening and wrinkle removal. The lipo laser only has an effect on weight loss.
2. The treatments are different. The cavitation rf needs gel as a conductor; the lipo laser does not need. When doing cavitation rf treatment, we need to move the probe on the treatment area; when doing the lipo laser treatment, we use the bandage to keep the laser pads on the treatment area.
3. The feeling is different, the customers might hear some noise during the cavitation treatment, which caused by the shocking of the fat cells. When doing rf treatment, customers will feel the heat. When doing the lipo laser(160mw) treatment, the customers will feel warm on the skin, the heat is less than the rf heat.
4. The price is different. The price of cavitation rf machine is between 300-1000 dollars; the lipo laser machine price is between 300-2000 dollars.

Then which do better on fat loss? It is hard to say. We can make sure the 980nm&650nm lipo laser does better than the 650nm lipo laser, and the 160mw lipo laser does better than the 5mw laser. The cavitation&rf 2 in 1 type works better than single cavitation type. You can choose the beauty machines according to your budget and the type you like.

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