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Cavitation RF Machine VS Lipo Laser Machine

  • Author: BelleDate:11-25-2020

Cavitation RF Machine Principle

The cavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which can speedy vibrate fattiness cells, produce countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells. The vacuum air pocket will break the fat cell membrane, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycerin and free fatty acid. The glycerin and free fatty acid will be out with the daily metabolism.
RF heats up the collagen layers of the skin to remodel the existing collagen, it helps to generate new collagen, which improves the texture of the skin.
Cavitation cellulite fat remover helps burning fat immediately, RF not only dissolved water and fatty, excrete through the body's metabolism to help body weight loss, but also can promote collagen grow and exquisite skin.
These two functions are used in combination, by first destroying fat and promoting collagen regeneration, cavitation can increase the performance of RF.


The Treatment Of Cavitation RF Machine

Cavitation RF machine are immediate and get progressively better over the next months, as new collagen and elastin proteins are produced and dead cells are carried away. You should do 15-30 mins treatment on each area, most clients experience 2 to 10cm of circumference reduction, after a single session and improved results after each visit. Depending on the condition being treated, the number of sessions needed varies, following a healthy diet and lifestyle will certainly improve and help maintain high quality results.

The Side Effects Of Cavitation RF

1. It is very common to work the abdominal area, occasionally diarrhea may be generated, but it usually disappears in the next day.
2. Headaches.
3. Toothaches if the patient has metal teeth fillings.
4. Depending on the sensitivity and skin of the person, there may be bruising of the skin by contact with the machine of cavitation or the force used the aesthetic when treating the patient.
5. You will feel a little ringing in the ears, but it’s normal, it happens quickly.

Lipo Laser Machine Principle

Lipo laser machine directly acts on the skin through a bubble head, penetrates the fat layer, and vibrates the fat cells at such a high frequency that the fat cells actually divide and are destroyed.
Laser liposuction is a non-invasive surgery that can replace traditional laser liposuction, the cost of laser fat removal treatment cost higher because laser technology is usually more expensive to produce.
Lipo laser treatment is a hands free procedure, you are arranged by the beauty therapist and then relaxed with a massage stick tied to your body. Many customers say they slept very well during the treatment without any uncomfortable.


The Treatment Of Lipo Laser Machine

The treatments of lipo laser machine last about 30-50 minutes on each area, we recommend doing the treatment every 72 hours to allow ample time for the fat to expel completely from the body. Because our fat cells remain intact and can still expand and contract with weight gain and loss, laser lipase is considered a semi-permanent treatment that may need to be repeated several times a year to keep the first the treatment can achieve good results.

The Side Effects Of Lipo Laser

Common risks and side effects of laser lipo include numbness in the treatment area and loose or discolored skin. Some people experience burning under the skin after their session. If this lasts more than a few days, it could be a sign of liquid buildup and can be treated by the doctor.
Other people may notice dimpled or lumpy tissue in the treatment area, this may be a temporary result of swelling or could be a more semi-permanent result.


We know that cavitation RF and lipo laser machines are safe, no bleeding, no pain, no side effects. They have a good effect on body slimming. And it's hard to say which one is better. You can choose any one set machine to do treatment according to your own situation, they also can work together or work separately, but no matter which one, the treatment effect is good enough.
Finally, I wish you a successful weight loss!

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