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Cavitation RF Machine VS Fat Freezing Machine

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When people look for a suitable way to remove stubborn body fat, there are now many technological innovations. Among them, the ultrasonic cavitation RF machine and the fat freezing machine is the most concerned and widely used in the beauty industry. Both techniques are used for fat reduction and weight loss. Comparing the differences between them is not to find out which one is above the other. On the contrary, it makes more sense to find out which treatments are more suitable for what conditions, and whether they can be combined and combined.

What Is Cavitation RF Machine?

Ultrasonic cavitation provides a fast, non-invasive fat removal technology. Use low-frequency ultrasound to penetrate the subdermal fat deposition tissue. 40KHz ultrasonic will resonate with the fat cell membrane and destroy the entire fat cell. Every kind of weight loss strategy that claims to be fast and simple is worthy of further study, and the ultrasonic cavitation is no exception. Just because it helps you reduce the number of fat cells doesn't mean you don't need to change your diet or exercise if you really want to lose weight. When the Cavit handle is working in the target area, most customers will feel the ears beep. There is no pain, but as the cavitation surgery progresses, the surgical area feels a little warmth.

Radio Frequency technology is a non-invasive technology, a safe, non-invasive cosmetic surgery. This innovative technology provides concentrated radio frequency (RF) heat to the deepest dermis, using RF technology to heat deep collagen-rich skin. Floor. High temperatures help reshape existing collagen, produce new collagen, and improve the smoothness and texture of the skin's surface. Thereby making the skin more elastic and firm. The radio frequency penetrates deep into the skin, thickens the skin deeper, reduces wrinkle depth and fine lines, and makes the skin firmer, firmer and lifted.

Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Advantages

The treatment is non-invasive, painless, anesthetic, no downtime, and no side effects. It can be used for local adipose tissue targets to create a curved body contour with reduced total weight. For example, if a client wants to reduce the waist and thigh size while still wanting to keep the buttocks full, cavitation treatment can do it.


Cavitation RF Machine Recommended Treatment

24 hours before treatment.
Drink one liter of water before treatment.
Do not drink carbonated drinks 12 hours before treatment.
Do not eat too much before treatment, as this will make you feel uncomfortable during the treatment.

Ultrasonic cavitation: at the beginning, the first 2-4 times, 3 days apart, then 5-8 times a week, 9-12 times every two weeks.
RF: at the beginning, the first 4 treatments were 3 days apart, 2-4 times each, then 5-8 times a week, 9-12 times every two weeks.​
After the initial treatment is completed, the maintenance treatment consists of 4 months, once a month, and then every 4 months.

What Should I Notice Before Or After Using The Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine?

1. Try to avoid doing anything that can irritate your skin before treatment. This includes tanning (natural or artificial). It is more likely to feel pain because the damaged skin is getting hot; however, it can be done in bronze.
2. Do not take a hot bath, bath or sauna immediately after ultrasound treatment.
3. We recommend eating low-calorie protein foods for each meal and drinking at least a cup of warm water (excluding carbonic acid, soda, soda, coffee) before and after the meeting. Drink plenty of water for at least 3 days after treatment, for a quick walk, cycling or another aerobic exercise to stimulate lymphatic activity as fat is continuously eliminated by the lymphatic system for 72 hours. Follow the appropriate exercise program. It is best to use cavitation under high hydration conditions and avoid taking any caffeine or diuretic 2 days before treatment.
4. Lymphatic drainage massage is also encouraged to improve circulation and lymphatic system, which helps to drain fluids.
5. In order to achieve the best results, you should not drink alcohol within 48 hours after treatment. Drinking during this time may prevent your liver from removing inactivated fat cells from the body (because the liver will preferentially remove alcohol from the blood).
6. Maintaining a stress-free lifestyle also helps the body drain fat more effectively.

What Is Fat Freezing Machine?

Fat freezing machine is a fat-reducing therapy for men and women who want to remove stubborn fat from certain parts of the body. Using low-temperature liposuction, this is just a technical statement that fat freezes. Fat freezing, technically known as the frozen fat breakdown, is a non-invasive method of freezing fat cells that removes "waist fat," double chin, and other excess fat. The method of freezing fat is to use a paddle to suck the skin into the cup to crystallize the subcutaneous fat cells. The customer will feel a slight freeze on the target tissue. After treatment, the skin in the target area will feel numb for a while. This is a typical reaction for cooling treatment. The reaction will soon disappear.

Fat Freezing Machine Recommended Treatment

The length of your fat freezing treatment will depend on the number of areas treated in one visit. The latest fat freezing technology can treat a patient in 35-60 minutes, and some patients have multiple treatments during the same office visit. It usually takes 1-3 treatments, with an interval of 30 days in between, which can eliminate 35%-40% of fat at a time.

You will start to see changes in 1-3 months after treatment. The final result may take 6 months or more.

Typical side effects after surgery include temporary redness, swelling, blushing, bruising, stiffness, tingling, tingling, tenderness, cramps, pain, itching or skin irritation, and after the throat in the underarm or submandibular area. Filling up. Rare side effects can also occur.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Cavitation RF Slimming Machine And The Fat Freezing Machine?

Fat freezing machine and cavitation RF slimming machine are similar because they are non-invasive treatments for topical fat, have no side effects, and both treatments are based on the breakdown of fat cell membranes to remove fat.

But they also have a lot of different places
1. Ways to reduce fat: cavitation uses ultrasonic, while fat freezing machine operates to control low temperatures concentrated in problem areas.
2. Cavitation RF slimming machine and fat freezing machine treatment results:
Cavitation RF slimming machine: results are considered faster, but sometimes the effect is not long-lasting or clear.
Fat freezing machine: As the body takes a long time to clear frozen fat cells, the results may take longer to reach, usually only one month after the start of treatment, but they are more stable and longer lasting.
3. The number of treatments: In order to achieve the same effect in the same area, cavitation RF requires more treatments than the fat freezing machine.
4. Therapist skills:
The effectiveness of cavitation RF treatment depends not only on the equipment used but also on the skill of the specialist applying the treatment, which needs to be moved by specific actions to focus the ultrasound energy onto every inch of the target fat tissue.
The effect of the fat freezing machine generally does not depend on the skill of the person operating the device, it only needs to be fixed in very targeted adipose tissue until the end of treatment.
5. Home Uses:
You can easily buy ultrasonic cavitation or cavitation RF slimming machine at an affordable price for home use. These are also very portable.
Fat freezing machine is also very easy to obtain, but it is much more expensive than fat cavitation machines.
6. Differences in feelings to the treatment:
Ultrasonic cavitation RF machine will feel tinnitus in the ear during the operation. This sound will disappear when the cavitation handle is out of contact with the skin.
Fat freezing machine treatment can cause mild cold and numbness in the target tissue area. It will recover in a few hours. Both treatments are harmless.

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