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Cavitation RF Machine VS Cavitation Machine

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With summer is coming, the weather is getting hotter, many people will go swimming at the public beach, but they feel frustrated and unhappy when they see much-unwanted fat on the stomach. People try to lose weight, there are many fat reduction methods for their consideration on the market. Ultrasonic cavitation machine commonly used beauty machine of weight loss. However, many people know about ultrasonic cavitation machine, but they don’t know much about ultrasonic RF (radio frequency) machine. So what is the difference between these two methods? Next, I will explain to them one by one.


What Is Cavitation Machine?

Simply, ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive and non-surgical fat removal treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells, then fat cells to generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids, waste is discharged through the body's metabolism, thus achieve the effect of body slimming and weight loss.

What Is Cavitation RF Machine?

Radio frequency is an extremely safe beauty technology, and it is also called diathermy (deep heating), which will generate the energy to heat up the deepest dermis layer, promoting the metabolism, stimulating the regeneration of the collagen, improving the skin texture, thus tightening skin, making the skin more elastic and firmer.

Ultrasonic and radio frequency two functions are used in combination, cavitation improves the performance of RF to destroy fat several times by damaging it. It will get better result of fat reduction and weight loss.

The Advantages Of Cavitation RF Machine

The treatment provided by ultrasonic cavitation RF machine is a painless and non-invasive treatment procedure, and it is safe and comfortable for you, no side effect, which helps result in lost weight on the treated areas and sculpture your body. Like belly and thigh part stubborn fat, ultrasonic cavitation RF could help dissolve them, and make your skin more elastic and give you a slimmer figure.

What Is The Difference Between Cavitation Machine And Cavitation RF Machine?

1. Function
Cavitation machine has a good effect on reducing cellulite, it is used widely to remove fat and body sculpting. Ultrasonic 40K cavitation RF machine not only help body contouring but after using cavitation, radio frequency will help you improve loose skin and make the skin elastic.

2. Application range
The ultrasonic 40K cavitation probe on the cavitation machine can be used for belly, thigh, arm, leg, waist, buttock, but cannot be used for the back. However, concerning the cavitation RF machine, its radio frequency probe can be used for full body, just make up for the vacancies that ultrasound can't be used for the back. Besides, it could also be used for face and eye’around.

3. Treatment program
Ultrasonic cavitation machine provides cavitation treatment only. In general, 10 sessions for the treatment, each session about 40-60minutes, 2-3 times each week.
Ultrasonic cavitation RF machine offers cavitation treatment and radio frequency treatment. Regarding the radio frequency treatment, dividing into 3 treatment courses, the first 2-4 times each, 3 days apart, then 5-8 times each week, finally, 9-12 times every two weeks.

4. Cavitation RF machine cost
Cavitation RF machine with two functions including ultra cavitation fat reduction and radio frequency skin tightening, One more function than cavitation machine. Anyway, the cost of the cavitation RF machine is higher than cavitation machine.

Recommended Cavitation Machine & Cavitation Radio Frequency Machine

Multi-functional 40K Cavitation RF Machine, It has 40KHz cavitation handle for cellulite removal, and RF probe for face and body use.


Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine, cavitation & RF two functions in one, with 40KHz cavitation used for fat reduction. Meanwhile, it has vacuum RF for facial shape, EMS electroporation for facial anti-aging, suction & RF for bodysculpture.


Mini 40K cavitation machine, it is a portable body slimming device for home use.


What Should We Notice Before Or After Using Cavitation Machine Or Cavitation RF Machine?

1. Avoid drinking alcohol before doing the cavitation RF treatment, drinking will increase the burden on the liver and it is not easy to metabolize waste.
2. After using cavitation treatment, with aerobic exercise, you will get a better result for fat reduction.
3. Do not take a bath or sauna immediately after treatment.
4. Always start with the lowest setting, when using radio frequency treatment.
5. Please drink plenty of water before doing cavitation treatment, to avoid body water loss.
6. Apply ultrasonic gel or RF gel on the treated area, enables ultrasound wave penetrates deep into your skin before treatment.

Who Can Not Be Recommended For Cavitation Treatment?

1. Women with pregnancy period, lactation period.
2. The surgical wound is healing or recovering from surgery.
3. Patients with epilepsy and severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
4. Patients with malignant tumors and patients with hemophilia or severe bleeding.
5. Patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases.
6. Patients with severe gynecological diseases.
7. People with gynecological diseases under treatment.
8. Patients with lymphoma or signs of cancer.


This article highlights the difference between cavitation RF machine and cavitation machine, recommend several cavitation machines, and precaution before and after cavitation treatment. I hope this article can help you know much about cavitation RF machine for the body slimming and weight loss.

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