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Can you apply a mask on your face,if your face has acne?

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Why did you suddenly have a lot of acne?

There are some people often said that suddenly there is a lot of acne on the face. In fact, they existed a long time ago, but they did not show up. The early stage of acne is hidden in the skin's hair follicles and is hard to find. After about half a year, it will grow to the epidermis a little bit. If it happens to catch up with your endocrine abnormality, stay up all night, eat greasy and spicy, then it is likely to suddenly burst into red and swollen acne. 

Several factors that cause acne:

1. Endocrine: It is often noted that deteriorates before the onset of menstruation, and endocrine disorders are the leading cause of formation.
2. food: such as peanuts, chocolate, fried foods, all have a deteriorating effect.
3. Emotions: such as nervousness, anxiety, and lack of sleep.
4. Climate: sun exposure, excessive humidity will worsen.

Can you use a mask on the face of acne?

My answer is no ,why ? because the mask needs to be stay on the face for a long time. In a closed environment, acne and small rash quickly absorb nutrients, and it is easy to form acne.
If you want to get acne marks removal, you should first do a good job of cure acne, don't let the acne come out again, otherwise, it will only be a futile waste of energy. Therefore, the first principle of acne scars is to completely cure the acne on your face before you get rid of acne marks.

Below is my personal advice to people who are prone to acne and have long acne.

Usually, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements.
Vitamin B6 and vitamin A can be taken orally. Vitamin B6 helps regulate sebaceous gland function; vitamin A has the effect of inhibiting follicular keratinization and lipid peroxide production.
Also avoid steaming your face, don't use a hot towel to apply your face, or apply ice on your acne. All of these behaviors cause rapid changes in temperature, which can easily cause skin inflammation.

And another thing I want to say is about the acne skin care, you should use some assistant product like light therapy acne mask (LT-110G).It with 7 led colors,it is a good ways to remove acne.And it does home use beauty personal care skin acne product.
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