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Breast Enlargement Machine Guides&Reviews

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Every woman wants to have a charming chest, how to enlarge the breast? Common methods of breast enhancement include:
Food breast enhancement, by adjusting the diet and borrowing nutrients from vegetables to achieve breast enhancement.
Drug breast enhancement, as the name suggests, is to take drugs for breast enhancement, the current commonly used is for breast enhancement.
Surgery breast enhancement, chest-filled silicone, and other products to achieve breast enhancement.
Massage breast enhancement, breast massage by hands or machine.


Today we are going to introduce vacuum cupping massage breast enlargement, how to use the machine to achieve breast enhancement effect.

How Breast Enlargement Machine Work

The breast enlargement machine adopts the vacuum suction to massage the breast. The physical vacuum to the chest muscles, promote blood circulation, directly to breast sponge to expand and generate new cells, so that small breasts flat upright fullness within a short time. At the same time, the suction will collect the cellulite around to the breast, makes your breast lifting.

Vacuum Cupping Breast Enlargement Treatment

1. Massage the breast with oil for 15mins.
2. Choose the breast cups according to the size of the client’s breast.
3. Put two breast cups full contact the breast at the same time.
4. Adjust the suction, to find the most comfortable time.
5. Suck the breast for 30mins.

Does The Vacuum Cupping Breast Enlargement Work

Yes, suction will concentrate the fat around the breast on the breast, making the breast bigger. Suction massage stimulates blood circulation, making breast lifting.

How Long Can I See The Effect

Usually, it takes about one month before you see visible results. Because the cellulite moving and new cells producing takes time. The benefit of vacuum cupping is that it usually gives long term results.

Breast Enlargement Machine Guides

There are many breast cupping machines, how to choose a suitable one?
If you only want a breast cupping machine for personal use, you can choose the handheld type, it is cheaper. The handheld type costs $20-$50.


If you want a breast enlargement machine for salon use, there are multifunctional machines, not only breast lifting enlargement, also body cupping releases the pain, health care. Some might combine with other functions such as electric muscle stimulation. The portable multifunctional breast enlargement machine costs $100-$300.


Breast Enlargement Machine Reviews

Got this today, after a 15-minute pumping routine my breasts are fuller and more shapely. over pumping can cause discomfort. as many other reviews say, this particular version is pretty cheap and short on nicer features like airlocks. I recommend this as a cheap option for the novice and entry-level breast pumper to help determine if investing in a higher-end product is worth it for you. the pump does not provide as much suction as you might expect, but still enough for a beginner to get a good feel for how breast pumping works and feels.

I received the pump on a Thursday and have been using it for a min of 15 minutes a day I already see and feel the results. I am currently a 34 B I've been using it for 5 days and my loose-fitting bra now feels tighter and I'm spilling out a little. My breast is already feeling heavier. The measures on the cup come in handy when I place my breast in the cup they start off at 6 and the suction almost makes my nipple touch the top of the cup. After use, my breast swells to the point I have to take off my bra.

I was new at using this product. It cracked but it was my fault. I was excited to get it and used it too much. I still felt it was worth getting. It worked. I grew my breast.

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