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Best Selling Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews 2019

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Skin Care problem seems more and more important in ladies normal life, we usually happen such problem: anti-aging more and more previously after 25 years old, fine lines and wrinkles crapping on all face, black heads is hard to get rid of them...... Microdermabrasion machine is created for solve these trouble.
Many Salon and beauty spa is in large need of microdermabrasion machine because of the large needs. But so many different kinds of dermabrasion machine, how to choose for my salon?
Hereby we sort some information for you reference:

1.5 In 1 High Frequency Electrotherapy Positive Ion Spray Skin Care Microdermabrasion Machine


There are 5 functions for this microdermabrasion machine:
-Positive ion for deeply cleaning
-Glass tube for black head removal
-High Frequency Electrotherapy for Anti-aging
-Water Spray for hydration
-Water Spray for hydration

This is a microdermabrasion machine with LED touch screen instead of normal button operation, white color case, simple design, easy operation. With this microdermabrasion machine, can help for skin cleaning, removal acene, and black heads, and nutrition absorbsion, keep skin moisturize.
This is an basic cleaning microdermabrasion machine, cleaning your skin in and out totally. It is a good choice for salon.

2.3MHZ Ultrasound Scrubber Dermabrasion microdermabrasion machine


Following is the function of the microdermabrasion machine:
-Ultrasonic for cleaning skin
-Microdermabrasion for black heads removal
-Skin Scrubber for dead skin, dirty, oil removal
-Cold hammer, help for skin clam down
It focus on cleaning facial dirty, dead skin, black head, special for oil skin, acne scars skin, dry skin, sagging skin, large pore etc. A 5 in 1 microdermabrasion skin care system machine with LED screen. If you are looking a skin care machine for your beauty salon, this one can save as consideration.

3.9 in 1 microdermabrasion machine for skin care


Professional design for salon use, 9 function in one machine, ultrasonic, cold hammer, maggic glove, microcurrent bio photon, skin scrubber, microdermabrasion.
Microdermabrasion adopts diamond crystals that have been processed specially to ill skin, and use vacuum suction to remove necrotic cells from skin as well as remove the deep waste and dirty of pore, help skin double cleansing and promote growth of new skin.
Absorption would be enhanced effectively by 3MHz high frequency ultrasound wave help nutrition import deeply to dermis, to refresh skin totally. High-frequency vibration refines nutrients into small molecular particles and enhances absorption.
Utilize 3MHz high frequency ultrasound wave with exfoliating product such as AHA or exfoliating cream to soften the damaged rough epidermal stratum corneum , then open the pores, make the waste out of the pores by high frequency vibration caused by ultrasound.

Above 3 microdermabrasion is we high recommended, lower price with LED touch screen, complete function for salon use, will fit for your requirements. If you have any other recommendation, welcome to share with us!

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