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It’s had to say that kind of benefit from our company, I become a model to experienced our own machine, excited!!!

I still feel nervous once I lie in bed, although I had done laser hair removal and spot removal before at beauty salon a years ago. But after doing the treatment, there was no tension, just enjoyment!
S shape machine is a multi-function beauty equipment, the main feature is a handle has several functions, two handles for face, two handles for the body. These functions can be used separately or simultaneously. It depends on your personal preference.
Today I would like to share with you the two handles for face treatment, space is limited, please continue to follow my next blog .xixixi......

When I change my clothes and lie down, the cosmetologist's begins to do facial cleaning for me. First, remove makeup with cotton pad, then apply nutritive water + massage oil, and do facial massage with some simple massage techniques. After a while. Then apply professional gel and start the machine.

The first one is the ems and electroporation handle, which is operated according to the meridians and collaterals on your face. This one will feel a little electric shock. There was flesh on both sides of the cheek, and the shock does not feel so strong. But when treatment on your forehead, the shock is more intense, and you feel like have millions of needles sticking into your skin at the same time, because the forehead doesn’t have much flesh, lol.


The second one is RF and Suction handle. I feel very comfortable, warm and warm, plus a little suction, also according to the face meridian operation, then they scrape it from the face to the neck and say this is a detox.


We spent about 20 minutes for treatment of two handles.Then apply the mask.
I can feel something good changed on my face. best treatment for sagging face ,It's amazing, it's warm, and Beautician said if you have toxins in your body, you might get red marks. This is the effect of Chinese scrapping detox cleanse, detox therapy is great for people body.
Finally, the cosmetologist said do not to wash your face within 4 hours after the completion treatment, because after scrapping cannot touch the water immediately. Then apply the mask every night for three consecutive days. After finishing the hairdressing instrument commonly the skin can be very dry, need a lot of protecting wet fill water, and should drink water more.
All right, so that's it for today. Looking forward to my results? I will continue to update, and upload my result photos, continue to follow me.

Life only once, must be beautiful!
Hello everyone ,this is Cocota ,I am 30 years old .I like food, reading ,travel and so on. Also I am a salegirl for beauty machine of about 4 years experience. My wish is to sell our machine to every corner of the world, make the beauty machine popular, everyone can afford it and use it, and through it to get a better themselves.
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