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Air pressure slimming machine

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:06-15-2019

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are overeating because they do not have regular eating patterns. Especially for people who have no regular life and lack of exercise, they will easily gain weight. And obesity can have a great impact on people, for example, physical deformation, inconvenient action, serious even affects physical health, bring disease, obesity can lead to high cholesterol, abnormal blood lipids, increase the risk of hypertensive hypertension . Especially for female friends, having a thin body is a dream. So, today I will introduce you to a device that can lose weight at home. Air pressure slimming machine.

Air pressure slimming Principle

Pneumatic therapy, also known as compression therapy, is designed to massage the body, promote blood circulation, eliminate body muscle fatigue, tighten the skin, and improve the body's metabolism. Far-infrared heating therapy heats the body and further accelerates the body's discharge of sweat. Eliminate toxins in the body and quickly burn excess fat/cellulite to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy body.


How Many Treatment Do I Need?

The course of treatment needs to be tailored to each person's level of obesity. Normally, we plan to treat 8 to 10 cycles, 30 minutes per cycle. Once or twice a week. Of course, you also need to adhere to exercise to help to slim. This way the weight loss effect will be more obvious because exercise can promote the body's metabolism to accelerate, break down fat cells.



1.What is The Different Between 3D RF and Air pressure slimming ?
3D Radio frequency weight loss method is through the radio frequency energy, through the body's skin fat layer, fat cells are heated, and then cells in the heating situation slowly become active expansion and rupture.Finally through the body's natural decomposition of fat to achieve weight loss.
And the method that air pressure reduces weight besides the effect that can achieve radio frequency, still can carry on massage to the body, promote the effect such as haemal circulation.
2.What Kind Of Other Product Need?
After finishing treatment, you need to often take exercise to assist reduce weight, because take exercise when can promote the metabolic ability of the body, let adipose cell decompose quicken.
3.Does it have side effect
Some patients developed muscle soreness, redness and swelling after treatment.This is normal and usually disappears within 1-3 days after treatment

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