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5 Things You Need To Know Before Pressotherapy Treatment

  • Author: ChloeDate:11-23-2020

Before entering today's topic, I think many people don't know what is pressotherapy. Therefore, let's first find out what a pressotherapy is firstly. I believe that you will definitely fall in love with it after knowing more about it!


The pressotherapy usually used into the air pressure slimming machine which also called lymphatic detoxification slimming machine is known as the human body "scavenger", mainly within the circulatory system of the human body. The inner recycle including: the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system and tissue fluid, etc. The air inflation by the air bag tie customer's abdomen, arms, legs lymphatic at inflated circulation to a certain period of time and deflated, prompting within the circulatory system to speed up the cycle in the human body, in order to achieve detoxification slimming, endocrine regulation.


Well, after having a certain understanding of the air blanket, it is time to get a deeper understanding and learning. Then let me introduce 5 things you to what you need to know before using the air pressure massagers.

1. Purpose And Function

- For body sculpting, weight loss, decomposition, elimination of stubborn fat.
- For air pressure detoxification, fatigue, relieve stress and muscle pain;
- For promoting blood circulation and improve metabolism.
- For improving the systemic lymphatic system and improve the loose skin tissue.
- For improving the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine.
- For enhancing cell potential film and to improve and slow organ aging (such as kidney, gastrointestinal disorders)
- For breast massage, operation of lobular hyperplasia.


2. Operating Details

During the operation, in addition to the available intensity adjustment key to adjust the level of the air, but also depending on the parts of the body is exposed to air, appropriately adjusting the tightness of the parts of the air bag to adjust the size of the air. Against the abdomen care should be aimed at the abdomen, so that the abdomen air bag the bag inflatable parts are the abdomen, and the air bag down as far as possible, snapping abdominal position, to prevent the air bag from direct compression of the heart, causing discomfort to the customer. Customers need a back massage care, inflatable parts are on the waist. The thigh airbags should be up close to the thigh, to stimulate the abdominal muscles sulcus lymph.

Remove all metal objects before operating. Air energy regulation level and clothes size freely adjusted the size of the actual situation according to guests' feeling.

After using, should be in accordance with the program to turn off the power, unplug the the air ducts plug, remove air ducts, remove various parts of the airbag, do not be too ruld unfolding and belongs accessories properly kept in accordance with the requirements. Disinfect and clean clothes and machine.

Discomfort in body and pregnant women customers are not recommended to use the pressure suit. Customer within one hour after meal, you can not use the machine for care.

3. Notices

- To make sure the safety, the operator has to be near the machine when working, never leave away when it is working.
- The suggested time of using this machine should not be over 30 minutes.
- Never pull out the power plug or other connected pipes as the machine is power on.
- Before doing the therapy,the customers must take down the sharp objects,which would probably puncture the therapy suit and cause serious consequences.
- Stop using the unit if the suit cracks to avoid the danger of electric shock.
- People wearing metal decorations can do the therapy with this unit, but the decorations can not be sharp.


4. How Often Should We Use The Air Pressure Slimming Instrument?

In general, we recommend to use an air pressure slimming instrument at a frequency of one or two times a week, because the air blanket treatment is milder than the cavitation machine, so the frequency of use can be adjusted slightly according to its own situation.

5. Classification Of Air Pressure Slimming Machine

Air pressure slimming machines are generally divided into two types, one with air pressure only, and the other with far infrared function in addition to the air pressure function. But usually we can not see their difference just from the appearance. What’s more, both of them have the following functions.

- Lymphatic Drainage
Designed sophistically, this instrument conducts the bioelectricity through muscle to fat layer by electrode pads, forces the muscle to do non-oxygenic exercise. These vigorous and intermittently exercise advance the energy consumption and fat breaking process, promote waste excretion.


- Air Press Toxin Eliminate
Equipped with five airbags for arm, abdomen, thighs, bootee, this air vibrant massage functions effectively in inner circulation improving and body relaxing. Controlled by an intelligent system, ideal treating programs are available for you to choose. Different working time, pressure, treating parts and modes are available for you to adjust.
As to the far infrared, it becomes popular in weight loss treatment only for its deep heat effect and physical resonance. Far infrared ray conducts heat deep to 3 to 5 centimeters below the subcutaneous and breaks down the inner fat in quite a short time.

After reading the passage, have you know more about the Pressotherapy? welcome all your views and opinions!

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