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5 Best Eye Mask Patches of 2019

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Do you know which facial area is the most vulnerable parts of the face, and also the part that more likely to leave traces of the years? It is our eyes, particularly around the eyes, which is sensitive with microvessels and requires more attention and protection. Besides, the eyes are the window of your mind to show your mental attitude. So what will you do for it?What about using some eye mask patches?I have made a list of 5 best eye mask patches of 2019, which will be mentioned below, also with some views of the devices. If you are interested in what are they, please kindly look through it and hope could help you as a reference.


First, let us have a look at some tips of eyes relaxing.
1. Apply warm towels to eyes for about 15 minutes.
2. Active the eye around skin by moisturizing.
3. Do eye massage about 3-5minutes.
4. Look far into the distance with green plants.
5. Use eye drops.

Next, there are some devices with eyes mask patches to handle two or more eyes skin problems.

Vibration RF Face Lifting Massage LED Photon RF Hot Device


It is a portable and rechargeable facial device with eyes mask patches. Two key operations with three types models could satisfy all skin characteristics. It is not only skin care, like face lifting, eyes around moisturizing, anti-aging and wrinkles removal and so on, but also good to body shaping with about 10 minutes treatment daily.

- Portable & rechargeable
- Satisfy all skin characteristics
- Eyes care & body slimming
- Moisture the skin
- Easy use & significant effects
- Multifunctional

- None

LED Triple Spectrum Hot 40℃ Constant Therapy Eye Mask


Using LED Photon to relax eye and also do some skin care with three LED wavelengths for various functions, like blue wavelength could help oil control and acne removal, yellow wavelength is for skin rejuvenation and the red wavelength is for lightening freckle spots, the same of them are to make the skin younger and eye relaxation. In addition, it is simple to use and rechargeable and portable and widely used in different medical device fields. It is characterized by no damage to the skin with obvious improvement effects.

- Eye relaxation
- Skin anti-aging
- Rechargeable, portable and simple
- Suitable temperature degree
- LED light treatment
- Significant effects
- No damage

- None

Eye Massage Beauty Device With Infrared Heat And Pressure Point Soothing


This device applies different vibrating, massaging and heating functions with four styles air pressure massage to relax your eyes and promote your eye blood circulation. Besides, it is small body with light net weight for convenient carry and rechargeable to continuous operation. It is quite suitable for those using eye for long time and feeling fatigue, pseudo myopia. But it seems only single using area—mainly on eyes, compared with the others.

- Air pressure massage
- Remove eye fatigue
- Portable and rechargeable
- Obvious selling target

- Poor design
- Single function area

Pink Eye Massager Health Care Alleviate Fatigue Tension Relief


Quite small eye device to help tension relief with 2 massage intensity. And it should apply with eye cream within 15 minutes. Also could be used with mask. Easy to operate and small to carry, which means it is also easy to miss.

- Portable and changeable battery
-Two massage intensity
- Cheap
-Tension relief

- Easy to miss

Eye Mask Anti Snoring Smart Device With Bluetooth Stop Sleep Apnea By Snore Circle


It can precisely detect and identify snore sounds through bone conducted and sounds recognition technology, and it could be connected to mobile with Bluetooth, where you can control the device and set up or adjust working modes on your phone with the free APP, which could record and track your sleeping and provide data to analyze.

- Wearing device
- Connected with Bluetooth.
- APP control
- Portable, chargeable and analyzing

- Single function

All the best eye mask patches are mentioned above, hope they could be a reference for you to help. And if you have any suggestions or opinions, please leave a message in the review area to let know.

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