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2019 Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

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What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine?

Ultrasonic cavitation machine is the non-surgical, non-invasive system for fat burning, uses the frequency of 40Khz ultrasonic which can work on skin depth of 1-6cm, it can fast vibrate the deep fat cells, heat up then speed up the blood circulation, and lymphatic tissue can flow smoothly to deep fat, directly reduce the amount of fat without harmful for the surrounding skin layer.

Why Cavitation Radio Frequency Can Loss Weight?

As we know, when person get adult, the amount of fat in body is specific, so ultrasonic cavitation treatment will reduce the fat amount, cavitation treatment used the special ultrasonic frequency to vibrate the fat cells, then the fat cells will appear some air packet, these air packet will broken after compressed, the broken air packet will become into free glycerol and fatty acids, this kind of will get rid of from body by natural metabolism, so if you use the vacuum radio frequency treatment, you can remove these fatty acids and glycerol fast by suction and release massage, so that get the result of weight loss, body slimming.


Which Is The Best Cavitation Slimming Machine in 2019?

S Shape cavitation radio frequency machine is the best machine in 2019 for its special design, super good quality and luxury functions. The model is MS-45101, which is just the small version of the MS-45T2, affordable price but with effective treatment result.

Why This S Shape Cavitation Machine Is Better Than Other Machines on Market?

For the cavitation slimming machine, the unoisetion cavitation 2.0 is the most popular technology. Because of the cavitation 2.0 is more powerful for fat burning, the upgraded system, the energy will directly work on the target fat cells, would not vibrate on the head surface, would not make terrible noise, would not heat up. More comfortable during treatment.

Combine 3 functions on one handle, can save time to do 3in1 treatment, Ultra Sonic&Radio frequency&photon light, power suction&radio frequency&photon light, facial vacuum&radio frequency&photon light therapy, facial ems&el electroporation. Super good for body and face management, now, many spa, salon and professional massage are using this machine for their client.

Other machines on market, only with 1 or 2 functions on the same handle, even the 2 functions can not set up by personal request, only work at the same time or just working for one of function.
Besides, this machine with 2 years warranty for the main machine, and 6 months for the machine parts, and you can get the half-cost for another 6 months when the handle out of warranty, longer lifetime but with low cost to buy the replacement parts.
Finally, this machine can help you to solve more problem, not only for body weight loss, skin tightening, you can use this machine for the female Uterus Ovary Care. Get one this machine but to get whole body skin care treatment.


What Treatment I Can Do By This Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Machine?

1. Body Contouring.
40Khz ultrasonic cavitation can fast vibrate the fat cells,
S Shape ultra sonic cavitation system with radio frequency is for body weight loss, the cavitation break down the fat cells, then transfer into the free fatty acids and glycerol, then radio frequency can warm up on the dermis skin, speed up the blood circulation, and vacuum therapy, the negative air pressure can massage the body, and helps to get rid of the free fatty acids and glycerol from body quickly, so that the fat cells amount inside the body will get less, then get the result for body contouring.

2. Lymphatic detoxification.
The speed of the human lymphatic circulation system is getting slower with the age increase, and effect of detoxification also get decrease, the suction&radio frequency handle is good for body massage, its special suction and release design can massage skin and body, negative air pressure can effectively improve the fluidity of body fluids between human cells, active cells to improve skin elasticity, and accelerate the blood circulation of microvessels, Excess toxins in the body are excreted through the normal circulation of the lymphatic system.

3. Female Uterus Ovary Care
The radio frequency release the energy directly working on the dermis through the epidermis of the skin, and directly generates heat from the inside of the human body, the heat temperateu can get to 40-60 degree, speed up the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the uterus, thereby decomposing thee rapid metabolism of the adipose tissue. It can be used to regulate the uterus and increase the discharge of menstruation, which is good for suppressing the palace cold.

4. Breast Care.
Radio frequency also can do for breast care, the radio frequency can produces specific radio frequency waves at the specific depth under the skin, working on the dermis through the epidermis of the skin directly, and warm up for 40-60 degree, promoting the catabolism of subcutaneous fat, and stimulating collagen and elastic fibers. Proliferation and reorganization, eventually tightening the breasts skin, shaping breast, so can get the result of keeping young of breast.

5. Facial lifting
EMS is for body massage and muscle relaxing, the electric current will work to the muscle from the skin surface, and feeling like the needles, the low frequency electric current can stimulate the muscle, make the muscle fitness and lifting up. Electroporation can helps to open the skin pores, which can help the skin to absorb the nutrients liquid those is difficult daily, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, placenta, etc. Good for the skin whitening, repair and other beauty result.

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Where I Can Get More Information About The Treatment?


If there Have The Ultrasound Ultrasonic Cavitation Operation Video?



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