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13 Things You Need To Know Before Using Microneedle Roller

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Microneedle Microdermaroller (microneedle) is also known as microneedle mesodermal beauty. Skin roller microneedle originated in the United States, and the rise of skin roller microneedle has solved the century's problems in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries!

Microneedle roller, that is tiny needles, small needles too. In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of beauty, and it has a very good effect on color spots, wrinkles, and other beautiful diseases. Currently known as microneedle mesotherapy in the beauty industry.

When considering anti-aging treatments, let us forget the unpleasant things of lasers and scalpels. Today, let's take a look at the new beauty equipment - microneedle. Skin roller microneedle is an anti-aging treatment that is a good way to restore and improve the skin.

What Is Microneedle Therapy?

The microneedle roller directly injects the cell growth peptide gene active ingredient and multi-nutrient elements into the skin cells of different depths through very fine pinholes. Average nutrient coverage of the skin. During the repair period, it can also activate cells, promote the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, fill the pits, and dilute the acne pigment. It also allows skin cells to directly absorb the genetically active ingredients needed by the skin through micro-pipes, and the absorption effect is close to 100%. Therefore, different formulas can be given for individual needs, and the new skin is reborn from the inside out.

Microneedle roller is an innovative skin treatment. Puncture small holes or pinholes on the surface of the skin. Microneedle is a method used by some dermatologists to treat different skin conditions. This technique involves the use of multiple tiny sterile needles to pierce the skin and cause physical trauma. This trauma causes the dermis (a deeper layer of skin) to rebuild. Simply put, microneedle dermaroller is to insert a very thin needle into the skin to rejuvenate.

The most popular and cost-effective microneedle device, currently known as dermaroller, consists of tiny fine needles ranging in diameter from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm. This small handheld device looks a lot like a miniature paint roller covered with metal spikes. Use it to gently roll in different directions on the surface of the skin. Microneedle dermaroller treatment, almost no side effects, short recovery period, "micro-trauma" heal quickly, no scars. Fine needles penetrate the cornea or the surface of the skin. Acupuncture causes slight surface damage to the skin's epidermis, and the body's reaction is to produce collagen. Use short needles to penetrate and irritate the skin, rebuild collagen, and create “microchannels” for better topical products for better absorption.


This seems to be the latest trend in beauty and skin care products, but it has actually existed and developed for more than 50 years! This therapy dates back to 1995 but has gained significant appeal in recent years due to new technologies and microneedle roller are widely spread in major popular websites. It can treat various problems from wrinkles, pigmentation, dull skin to scars and stretch marks. For those who wish to improve the appearance of scars, promote collagen or promote hair growth, microneedle dermaroller can provide a minimally invasive solution.

How The Skin Roller Microneedle Works?

Microneedle dermaroller is the use of many tiny needles to stimulate the skin. In a short time, the microneedle roller can make more than 200,000 micro-pipes, infiltrate effective nutrients, and use the self-healing reaction after skin trauma to increase collagen. The purpose of micro acupuncture is twofold: to stimulate the production of collagen and increase the absorption of skin care products.


Our skin is a barrier that is resistant to foreign substances. When it comes to skin care masks, lotions, essences, and creams, the nutrients can only stay on the surface. The nutrients of the skin care products are either evaporated or because the head is too big to penetrate the dermis and cannot be absorbed. Many tiny needles on the Microneedle dermaroller can irritate the skin. In a short time, the skin roller microneedle can make more than a few million microscopic tubes, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively. With special effects products, it can achieve the desired effect of reducing wrinkles, treating scars and stretch marks, whitening skin, reducing pigmentation, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, tightening skin tissue.

Collagen is an important protein that helps keep your skin young. But aging causes a decrease in collagen in the skin, leading to wrinkles and other phenomena. The skin also loses collagen due to damage, such as acne scars, stretch marks or other scars. Microneedle dermaroller can solve this problem. When the microneedle stimulates the skin to form a wound, it stimulates the skin's self-healing ability, stimulates the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis to achieve the purpose of treating depressed scars (such as acne pits) and removing fine lines. Rejuvenate new skin from the inside out and thoroughly improve skin texture. Reaches pores tighten skin, improves fine lines, brightens skin tone, and diminishes pigmentation

What Are The Features Of Microneedle Roller?

1. Awaken and enhance skin regeneration
2. Lighten wrinkles and spots
3. Improves skin tone, brightens skin tone & whitens
4. Increase skin resistance and repairability
5. Stimulates skin's self-healing ability, promotes skin metabolism, and stimulates collagen growth
6. Activate cells, repair damaged cells, achieve wrinkle, lift, whitening, anti-aging effects
7. Improve dark circles, edema, fine lines
8. Promote enhanced cellular immunity, slow down skin aging, and keep skin young
9. Repair damaged skin barrier, fragile, sensitive skin, and repair after sunburn
10. Accelerate metabolism, promote the excretion of toxic substances; whitening and moisturizing, rejuvenating hydrating, shrinking pores

Who Is Suitable For Using Microneedle Roller?

1. Dark, rough, dull skin
2. Skin appears slack, sagging, aging, and decreased skin elasticity
3. Dry skin, lack of water, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.
4. Large pores, acne, acne marks, and strong oil secretion
5. Dark yellow skin, uneven skin tone, long spots; Have dark circles, edema
6. Skin is more fragile, sensitive, and requires increased resistance to the skin
7. The skin has fine lines, wrinkles, and is not delicate and smooth.
8. Cosmetics can't absorb, the skin lacks nutrition; often stay up late, make-up, dull skin
9. Want to delay aging, prevent and improve sagging, wrinkles

Microneedle Roller Taboo Crowd

1. During pregnancy, lactation, menstrual period, people cannot use
2. People who are in the recovery period of surgery cannot use
3. People with open wounds on the skin cannot use
4. People who have just done micro-finishing or filling cannot use
5. People who take light-sensitive drugs cannot use
6. Be cautious when using allergies to proteins and metals
7. Severe heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor blood coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorder, scar hyperplasia skin carefully used
8. People with skin cancer or tumor disease, immune system diseases

How To Use Skin Roller Microneedle?

Cleaning - Applying anesthetic - Rolling needle - Applying lyophilized powder (growth factor, whitening, anti-aging, and other functional ingredients) - Rolling needle - Applying Ice crystal mask - (lighting) - Waiting for repair (about 2-7 days, during which the face will be red and swollen, apply more repair hydrating mask)

Preparation Before Using Microneedle Dermaroller

Medical gauze 3-5 packs, iodophor, saline, medical gloves, medical dust cap, syringe, lyophilized powder and lysozyme, 3 clean containers, 1 microneedle(Select the length of the microneedle according to the skin condition of the individual)

Microneedle Procedure For Using Microneedle Dermaroller

1. Remove makeup and cleanse the skin.
2. Applying anesthesia evenly over the entire face (avoiding the eyes, lips, and nostrils) will have a slight tingling sensation.
3. Cover the place where the anesthetic is applied with plastic wrap (avoid the eyes, lips, and nostrils, it takes 30 minutes)
4. Prepare medical alcohol to soak the microneedle dermaroller for 10 minutes, then rinse the alcohol on the microneedle with normal saline (put into a clean, sterile container)
5. Soak the gauze with iodophor and normal saline and put it in the container for use.
6. Inject the lysozyme into the lyophilized powder with a syringe, shake it gently, and dissolve it thoroughly before use.
7. Bring gloves, remove the plastic wrap and anesthesia, wipe the face with a paper towel (not water)
8. Wipe the face with iodophor and wipe the face with saline.
9. Change the gloves to start operation
10. Draw the dissolved lyophilized powder into the syringe and remove the needle.
11. First, operate the half face, take the microneedle dermaroller in one hand, take the syringe in one hand, and apply the lyophilized powder while rolling the microneedle. Roll the microneedle to roll back and forth in the shape of "meter", roll it several times horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The lyophilized powder will be absorbed quickly, and then the lyophilized powder will be applied. The microneedle dermaroller operation should be moderate and uniform, and the special parts (acne marks, stains, wrinkles, slacks, etc.) can be repeatedly repeated 3-5 times, the whole face The operation time is about 15-20 minutes, and the operation until the skin is red.
12. On the other side of the operation, the lyophilized powder product uses half of the product on the half of the face, and the product is used up after the entire face is finished.
13. Finally, the nose part, the nose and the need to strengthen the part can take a dot matrix approach.
14. Apply ice crystal film after the whole face operation, about 30 minutes
15. Apply ice crystal film after the whole face operation, about 30 minutes
16. Combine with the illumination instrument, red light and blue light for 10 minutes each time (with the ice crystal film and the remaining essence in the ice crystal film bag to absorb the skin)
17. Remove the light equipment and ice crystal film, gently wipe the face with saline gauze

Microneedle Dermaroller Treatment Recommended

After 7 days of the first treatment, the tissue reorganization and repair period were entered, and the gloss and fineness began to manifest.
After 7 days of the second treatment, the skin on the face showed a firming luster.
After 7 days of the third treatment, the skin on the face became rosy, the pores contracted, the stains faded, and the true wrinkles improved.
After 30 days of treatment, the effect is most obvious. The skin is healthy, rosy, smooth and smooth, and the problematic skin is more than 90%.
Treatment cycle
The first stage: treatment stage, about 6 times/course of treatment, once every 15-30 days.
The second stage: the recuperation stage, about 6 times/course of treatment, one months/time.
The third stage: maintenance stage, about 6 times/course of treatment, 2-3 months/time.

Microneedle Dermaroller Postoperative Considerations

1. After the skin roller microneedle is finished, it will not be effective immediately. It will take about a week to see the effect, because the inflammation in the early stage will be a little swollen, and there is also a time for absorption. Keep the surgical site dry and clear. Timely matching with the repaired product, supplementing the nutrients and quick repair will better match the two will more effectively show the best results after the microneedle injection.

2. In order to achieve a good course of treatment, medical staff may perform advanced repair procedures (such as masking, ice, beauty care, clearing, repairing spray, illuminating, etc.) as needed after the treatment. Please consult The follow-up treatment details of the medical staff.

3. Do not over- massage and knead within two weeks after surgery, and avoid the hot and humid environment. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. Note that you need to ban smoking and spicy food. Avoid sauna or strenuous exercise, and be careful not to rub the injection site hard. Drink plenty of water to increase excretion in the body. Eat more fruit foods containing VC.

4. Do not use ointments, skin care products or cosmetics to wipe the treatment area after surgery, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection.

5. Skin roller microneedle is a non-surgical injection with a shallower dermis layer, and the risk is relatively small. However, through high-intensity skin puncture, it will cause a lot of needles and burden on the skin. Improper care will also cause erythema after injection. The reaction of budding, edema and bruising. There will also be persistent allergic reactions, red bloodshot aggravation, local stiffness, agglomeration, and other side effects.

6. The needle will irritate the epidermis, destroy the skin's self-protection barrier, and also cause subtle traumatic inflammation. Improper care can cause skin needle infection.

7. Micro-needle injection will stimulate the body to exclude skin from edema, rash, erythema, blistering and bruising.

8. Avoid water, everyone knows that after doing facial beauty, you don't need to see water, because water molecules can invade the skin and cause infection. After the skin roller microneedle, the skin barrier is destroyed and the protective mechanism is very fragile. So avoid it like a sauna, a hot bath, swimming, and washing your face. For example, going to the swimming pool, the water swimming is not pure, but water containing many bacteria and debris. The skin roller microneedle cannot be washed normally within 3 days after surgery, but it can be cleaned with a sterile cotton swab and sterile saline. After that, the temperature of the face should not be too high, so that the skin is not easily stimulated by hot water and there will be some uncomfortable reactions.

9. Do not use irritating skin care products, such as irritating skin care products that contain fruit acids, acid A, high concentrations of vitamin C, salicylic acid, alcohol, and exfoliation. Once these ingredients enter the skin's stratum corneum directly, it can cause skin irritation. Therefore, after finishing micro-needle beauty, do not use some irritating skin care products with special functions.

10. Diet should not be spicy and greasy. Under normal circumstances, after completing the skin roller microneedle surgery, special attention should be paid to avoid spicy and greasy food. Also, be careful not to eat seafood. This is because seafood is prone to allergic reactions that cause redness, itching, and irritations in some allergic skin. Spicy foods can cause inflammation of the wounds. Spicy foods include peppers, peppers, peppers, onions, ginger, and garlic. Do not drink strong drinks, do not smoke or drink. Avoid staying up late.

11. After applying the micro-needle, the skin will become dry. This is because the skin's metabolism is accelerated after the micro-needle. The collagen at the bottom of the skin grows and repairs the skin. It requires a lot of water and nutrients, so it needs to be repaired. The mask promotes repair and skin growth.

12. Strengthen sun protection, because the sun and fluorescent lamps will emit ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays may burn the skin, so you should pay attention to strengthen sunscreen and computer radiation after surgery. Try to avoid places where strong sunlight is shining. Sunscreen should not be used for the first 3 days, sunscreen should be done after 3 days, and a physical sunscreen with a sun protection index of 30 or higher is required. Go out for a sun hat and a sunshade with an anti-UV umbrella. Even if you stay indoors all day, you should apply sunscreen. Because indoor fluorescent tubes emit ultraviolet light, the intensity of ultraviolet light received for 10 hours indoors is equivalent to one hour outside.

13. After skin roller microneedle surgery, collagen should not be administered blindly, because microneedle surgery is the process of stimulating collagen regeneration. If collagen is taken before and after surgery, collagen fibers that are externally added and intrinsically released will accumulate in the skin. The connective tissue has been born with granulation tissue until it becomes scar tissue, resulting in a large area of inflammatory hyperplasia of sweat glands, nerves, fine bubbles, tissues, stratum corneum, etc., and subcutaneous necrosis, ecchymosis, redness, and other adverse reactions.

How Often Will You See The Effect?

It won't work immediately after you finish it. You'll see results in a week. There may be inflammation in the early stage, it will be swollen and red, and the body needs time to absorb and reject. The first effect will not be obvious. But it will get better every time. After 3 times, the effect will be superimposed, the skin will be rosy, the pores will shrink, and the stain will fade.

Microneedle Dermaroller FAQs

1. Will it be painful to use microneedle procedure?
A: For general facial treatment, the size of the skin roller microneedle used is mostly 0.5mm, and the anesthetic is applied to the face for half an hour before the operation, and then the rolling on the face is only a slight tingling feeling. The acne and scars will be deeper and the pain will be stronger. There will be slight tingling during use, but it is generally acceptable.

2. Must the skin roller microneedle be used with lyophilized powder?
A: The purpose of the microneedle is to make micro-injury to the skin, stimulate the skin to proliferate and self-heal, accelerate the metabolism and grow new collagen, but it is definitely not possible to rely on the skin itself, too slow, so we need growth factors that can stimulate the skin potential. Products, such as EGF / BFGF, etc., these products are stored in lyophilized form, so-called lyophilized powder. The growth factor in the lyophilized powder is used to stimulate the value-added rebuilding ability of the skin.

3. Will the skin become dry after the skin roller microneedle is finished?
A: Yes, the skin will lose water after the microneedle is finished. Postoperative care is very important. It is necessary to do a hydration repair work, use a moisturizing spray or hydrating to repair the mask and pay attention to sun protection. Note that collagen cannot be used.

4. Why use plastic wrap?
A: The use of plastic wrap can help the anesthetic to accelerate absorption.

5. Why are skin roller microneedle a disposable consumable? Why can't they be reused?
A: The microneedle operation must be in a "sterile" environment. The microneedle is to pierce the skin and reach the dermis. The disinfection cannot be completely sterilized. Even small wounds cannot be underestimated, especially those who want to go to the pit. The needle used is longer and the penetration depth is much more, which increases the chance of infection. Therefore, the microneedle needs to be thrown away in time after the repeated operation. If it is reused, it will bring bacteria into the skin to avoid infection, and the needle will also oxidize or rust, so avoid repeated use.

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