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10 Best Microcurrent Facelift Machines in 2019

  • Author: VivienneDate:11-04-2021

Have you hear about the microcurrent facelift? Do you know what it can do? How long? Any tips of it? And would like to know now? Let me share with you about it and its 10 best machine in 2019 and wish it is useful and helpful for you.


What is Microcurrent Facelift?

1. Non-invasive and painless
2. Safe with short time
3. Improve the appearance
4. Positive effects

In fact, microcurrent facelift is a non-invasive and usually painless beauty procedure, using a mild electrical current to apply to the face within about one hour. And it is considered safe treatment without side effect and recovery time. It is quite suitable for those who want to improve their appearance but not to suffer the risk and pain of the traditional operation. What’s more, it not only has positive effects on the facial appearance, but also many advantages on the facial tissues.

And for having a nice facelift results by microcurrent, to have the best and suitable machine to achieve is essential. And I do some researches and studies, finding 10 best microcurrent facelift machines in 2019, and would like to share it with you and hope it could be a reference for you.

5 In 1 Vibration RF Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation LED Photon RF Hot Pack RF Eye Patch Device


This product is a mainly eye-cared device with the functions of skin lifting and skin rejuvenation. And it has LED photon, RF eye patch to skin tightening, whitening, relaxation and face lifting. And it is the new arrivals with quite favorable price. It is rechargeable and painless. And you could use it 10 minutes everyday to keep slimming body, smooth skin and young and active face. It can satisfy every skin characteristics without professional trainings to use.

- Portable devices to easily carry
- Long application life
- Skin lifting, whitening and tightening
- Rechargeable and painless
- Eye care and skin care
- Stable performance
- All skin characteristics
- Multifunctional

- None

BIO Microcurrent Ion Skin Rejuvenation Facelift Wrinkle Removal


This handheld device is adapted BIO microcurrent to deal with wrinkles, burnish sink problems and so on, and its lovely design could help us do facelift at the same time. It is light and easy to carry with small footprint. Its BIO microcurrent technique has benefit in facial firming, wrinkles and fat removal and elasticity of muscle regaining with favorable and reasonable price. It has two models with 4 degrees to choose based on your preference.

- Hndheld with light weight
- BIO microcurrent
- Easy to operate and carry
- Acceptable price
- Regain muscle elasticity
- Facelift and skin rejuvenation

- None

2 In1 Micro Current Photon Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Facelift Device


This portable device is a beauty toning device with BIO microcurrent and LED photon to remove wrinkles and facial pigment and fade spots and whitening. Its unique design is good for us to hold it and use. It has a advantage to tighten and whiten the skin while lifting the face. Its price is a bit higher than the first one, but it is worthy.

- Portable
- Unique design
- BIO microcurrent
- LED photon
- Face whitening

- A bit experience

Facial Skin Lifting Rejuvenation Anti-age Firming Microcurrent Ion Vibration Massager Beauty Machine


This massager is a device with BIO microcurrent for wrinkles removing and skin shaping, also skin relaxation. It is the lightest one of all I mentioned here, so it is portable and easy to carry to everywhere. Its microcurrent is for facial lifting and skin rejuvenation, and the vibration is for skin massage. Its lovely shape and pink color with cheap price could get many girls preference, I think, and maybe boys will buy it for his girl friend as a gift. Besides, the whole set is water-proof. But one thing not good for it is single.

- Lightest to carry to everywhere
- Lovely shape
- Cheap price
- Water-proof
- Face lifting

- Single function
- Not rechargeable

Galvanix Current Therapy Beauty Apparatus Uses Micro-current Or BIO Therapy Equipment


This equipment is applied Galvanic current therapy with two detachable heads for treating more or less flat surface or curves. It is portable with a box to carry and it is rechargeable. Besides, it is easy to use with small side effect. And using galvanic current to let our skin more clean and it is good at face lifting.

- Galvanic current therapy
-Two detachable heads
- Rechargeable
- Face cleaning and lifting

- Small side effect

Ultrasonic Photon LED Light Micro Current Slimming Machine


This machine is a 6 in 1 portable ultrasonic micro current slimming photon LED light machine with ultrasonic high frequencies, EMS micro-current, two LED lights, electrode sliver fiber gloves. And it is not only applicable on face shaping and lifting, but also on body slimming. The LED lights include red light and blue light, and red light is to help active the cells and promote metabolism, blue light is to skin calming, sterilization and remove acne. So it is multifunctional with acceptable price. And it is good to do face lifting.

- LED light
- EMS micro-current
- Face care and body slimming
- Multifunctional
- Skin reactive

- None

4 In 1 RF Mesoporation LED Microcurrent BIO Skin Rejuvenation Lifting Machine


This light device is a microcurrent BIO skin rejuvenation lifting machine with RF and Mesoporation and LED. So it is multifunctional with such technologies. It has two replaceable tips for face lifting and body fat removal. It can promote collagen production, make the skin more tight and lift and active, and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation to in a good condition. And it has simple operation and it is easy to carry around, fulfill everywhere at anytime.

- Portable
-Two replaceable tips
- BIO and RF
- Mesoporation and LED
- Skin lifting and rejuvenation
- Simple operation and easy to carry

- A bit experience

Mini Galvanic Ion Vibration Massage Face Lifting Care Beauty Equipment


This product is in a small sized to deal with our skin care. And it can make the stimulator and vibrator massage at the same time to do face lifting, and the warm vibration massage skin, the positive ion can cleaning the skin and the negative one is to introduce the nutrition. Besides, it can do deep skin cleaning.

- Mini product
- Face lifting
- Nutrition introduction
- Deep cleaning

- None

Photon LED Facial Care Micro Current Beauty Device


This device is a skin rejuvenation and lifting microcurrent machine with 7 photon LED lights therapy. 7 colors have 7 various effects, like the green light is beneficial of the water and oil balance, the yellow light can offer the energy to cells and enhance immune function and to whiten the skin color. And it is rechargeable and portable to use and carry. And the microcurrent could help to do skin lifting, skin care and so on. What’s more, you could use both functions at the same time.

- Seven LED lights
- Do face lifting
- More convenient operation
- Non-invasive skin care

- None

3 In 1 Ultrasonic EMS Electric Light Therapy Slimming Device


This product is a rechargeable device with EMS, LED light and ultrasonic to weight loss, body slimming and face lifting. It is not only can be used in body, but also in our face to tighten the skin and firming the face.

- Non-invasive and painless
- Simple equipment operation
- Applicable for all skin characteristics
- Rechargeable for continuous working
- Body slimming and face lifting

- None

Here are the 10 best microcurrent facelift machines I would like to share with you. We need to figure out the real situation of ourselves to choose the most suitable one, then that is the most favorable and excellent shopping. Hope the pros and cons listed above could be a reference for you before you buy one to try. And if there is any suggestions or advises of the article, please leave a message below to tell me.

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