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Microcurrent Device

How Do I Get Rid Of Jowls On My Face?

As we grow older, more and more facial wrinkles and fine lines appear on our face.
It's a scaring while see the sagging jowles, neck, and double chin on the mirror day by day.
How do I get rid of jowls on my face?
There are several options for treating sagging jowls,
But today, let's add this microcurrent facial device to your routine.


Why We Choose Microcurrent Device?

Perhaps, a srugical optionals such as botox for your face may be recommended for you.
Because the instant result.
But this is not a long-term solution.

If your budget is not enough but long last result needed,
the dermatologists always choose the microcurrent facial treatment for you.

Why choose the microcurrent device?
“Microcurrent devices in facial aesthetic applications are used to 'work out' the muscles of the face,
stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance,” says Svendsen.
“Microcurrent device has been applied for decades, especially in physical therapy,
so it is very safe, effective, and targeted,”

That's to say, microcurrent face lift is a safe and non-invasive facial treatment procedure.
It is non-surgical, and long results last treatment for all type of skin.

Not matter your skin is oil skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin even.
That's a magical facial lift device.


How Does The Microcurrent Device Work?

Microcurrent delivers a gentle biological current,
Current stimulates your facial muscle including around nose, lips, mouth, and eyes.

Microcurrent facial treatment can help tightenskin,
and improve the elasticity of the skin result in eliminating wrinkle and fine lines,
that is why it can be used to get rid of the sagging neck, jowels, and chin areas.

Besides, microcurrent treats on eye brow and eye lid areas
to help improve muscle tone, reduce puffiness and shrink pore.

To a large extent, it can delay the speed of skin aging, promote blood circulation,
and accelerate body natural metabolism, boost the regeneration of collagen.

What Are The Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

As a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, microcurrent facial treatment can achieve the following benefits:


1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines
2. Improve muscle tone in face and neck
3. Reduce puffiness and shrink pore
4. Lymphatic drainage and detox
5. Remove acne, skin exfoliation
6. Promote nutrient absorption
7. Tighten the skin, improve skin pigment
8. Sun damage treatment
9. Cellulite treatment, lose weight

How To Use The Microcurrent Device?

Microcurrent device is always equiped with a pair or pairs of microcurrent wands,
Different type of microcurrent wand is for different treatment areas.
Please refer to the user manual to use the different wands.

To get a best result of microcurrent, the correct steps is important.
Step 1: we should spend 2 minutes to clean the facial skin,
Step 2: massage face about 3 minutes,
Step 3:apply the water or a water-based gel on the treatment area
to ensure the conductivity of the microcurrent and for comfortable use of the device,
now, please use a pair of targeted microcurrent facial wands on the treatament area
for 20 minutes with the right operation gestures(detail gestures will be marked on the user manual).
Step 4: microcurrent facial treatment finished, a hydrating mask is recommended to use.

Is Microcurrent Dangerous? What Are The Side Effects Of Microcurrent?

A microcurrent facial treatment is a non-surgical,
non-invasive facial care procedure, it is safe for the most people,
but the people with heart disease is strictly prohibited to accept this treatment,
because it may stimulate the blood.

Microcurrent is a low-risk facial treatment.
A slight redness in the face may occur several hours after treatment.

Some people will see some whitehead within a day or two days after the microcurrent face lift.
Infections and scarring are rare when skin is flat, but they do occur sometimes.

How Much Does Microcurrent Face Lift Cost?

The cost of the microcurrent face lift varies based on a different city, different needs.
On average, the cost you can expect to pay is from $200 to $600 per session for the microcurrent facelift.

But if you can try, you can get a microcurrent device back home, treat your skin by yourself.
A genuine and portable microcurrent facelift machine would cost anywhere between $35 to $ 300.
Choose a right microcurrent machine that can suit your needs for a healthy face uplift, that is save money.

Microcurrent Face Lift Before And After



1. How Long Does A Microcurrent Facial Treatment Last?

The effect of microcurrent facelift is not permanent, after finishing a series of course treatment,
you need to maintain the result by doing microcurrent facial treatment every 4-6 weeks.
If complete the full series of treatments and maintain monthly,
the result will last 2-3 years.

2. How Many Microcurrent Facial Treatments Are Needed?

The number of treatments depends on the user's age and skin condition.
Typically, the user needs at least 2-3 times each week for the first-course treatment,
then once per week until the treatment complete.

3. Who Is Suitable For The Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

In general, anyone who has sagging or loose skin can accept this procedure,
all skin types and different skin color can be treated.

4. Who Is Not Able To Have This Microcurrent Treatment?

Pregnant women and people with heart disease, seizures history,
thrombosis, cancer are not suitable for this microcurrent facelift treatment.

5. How Long After Botox Can I Use Microcurrent?

Two to four weeks post-Botox or fillers before using microcurrent recommended.

Microcurrent Device Aesthetics Technology

Biological microcurrent facial Slimming system is the most advanced non-invasive facial toning system that can achieve skin rejuvenation and weight loss.

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Microcurrent Device Treatment Areas

Microcurrent treatment is an non-surgical micro-current conditioning technology that can refresh your skin
Besides, microcurrent can help cellulite treatment, so microcurrent device can be used on not just your face.
but aslo can treat the ass, abs, thighs, buttocks and arms.
It smoothes the skin, treats cellulite, improves skin tone, and firms.

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