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Yag Tatu

Tattoo removal has been performed with various tools since the start of tattooing. While tattoos were once considered permanent, it is now possible to remove them with treatments, fully or partially.

How yag laser work?

The laser light is passed over the tattooed skin, microscopically shattering the pigment into tiny particles which are more easily processed and eliminated by the body.

Treatment areas

Yag laser tattoo removal treatment can work on eyebrow, eye line,lip line,arms,back,shoulder, thigh, legs.

Treatment program recommend

Opeartion course required (cure times) Opeartion course interval Remark (requirements in surgery)
eyebrow-embroidery(eyeliner grain) 1 –2 times
30-60 days Eyebrow blow, eyeball protection
Eyebrow-embroidery ( eyeliner embroidery) 1-3 times 45-60 days Eyebrow blow, eyeball protection
Lip line (red dyed lip) 1-3 times 15-45 days Use 532 filter
Tattoo(caused by extraneous wounds) 1-4 times 30-60 days Blood infiltration will be fine on wounds
Freckle, age spot 1-4 times 15-30 days Blood infiltration will be fine on wounds
Birthmark, nevus/mole 3-7 times 45-90 days Must have Blood infiltration .



Q: What is the recovery time?
A: Irritation of the skin may last a week or so.

Q: Before Treatment Instructions
A: Avoid excessive sun exposure.

Q: After Treatment Instructions
A:Wash the area with a mild soap and gently pat dry, then apply a soothing moisturizer to the skin. Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning for one week after your treatment. Patients should consider the use of fading creams and sunscreen after the procedure. Additionally, strenuous exercise and alcohol intake should be avoided. Cover-up clothing is very helpful in the healing process.