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YAG Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a notoriously unpopular beauty program.In modern society, there are a lot of people who would like to become more individual.Others think it's cool and choose to get a tattoo.Even many students get tattoos.Once these students get tattoos, it may affect their life trajectory.It will also have an impact on their learning.In China, students are strongly opposed to getting tattoos.Any tattoo artist will be punished.If you accidentally get a tattoo, how can you effectively remove it?Today we will introduce a professional tattoo removal technology.


YAG lasers use high-energy laser beams to effectively destroy melanin in diseased tissues. That is, the principle of light blasting: the laser instantaneously discharges high energy, so that the absorbed pigment particles absorb energy and rupture, and are divided into more microscopic particles from the body, and a part of the human body is excreted through the lymphatic system to eliminate the pigment. Since the normal tissue does not absorb the 1064 nm laser, thereby maintaining the integrity of the cytoskeleton, there is no condition to form a scar. This is unmatched by any other method currently. This is because laser removal of pigment does not destroy normal tissue. Therefore, its safety is to ensure that customers are not plagued by hand complications.

Laser tattoo removal and surgical removal of the difference between tattoos?

1.First we compare them from their principles:
Laser treatment method: the laser is applied to the affected area, the pigment particles are broken into tiny debris, discharged through the skin, or the blood is circulated and the cells are engulfed to complete the pigment metabolism. This method does not destroy the rest Of the skin tissue, leaving no scar after surgery, is the preferred method for the treatment of tattoos, but the cost is slightly more expensive.
Surgical resection: For deeper tattoo patterns, the above methods often have no effect. Only surgical resection and suture can be considered, but scars may be left.
2.From the difference in their treatment effect:
The treatment of laser tattoo removal is more thorough and does not leave any traces.
Surgical removal of the tattoo, the treatment effect will be more thorough, specifically for deeper tattoos, but it will cause harm to the body and may leave scars.
3.The difference between fees
The cost of laser tattoo removal is more expensive, and the price is generally determined based on the size of the tattoo. However, the cost of surgical removal of the pattern is generally around 800 to 1000 dollars.
4.Time required for treatment
Laser removal of tattoos typically takes 3 to 5 cycles, because lasers are a high-energy source that can burn the skin, so it can't be done too deeply at one time. The surgical removal of the tattoo is a one-time removal. But it takes 2 to 3 months to recover.

Treatment Process:

1. First, understand the physical condition of the patients, determine if it is allergic to the laser, determine if there is any scar on the patient and whether there is a wound at the tattoo.
2. The treatment site needs to be cleaned and disinfected before treatment.
3. Select the appropriate treatment light based on the size of the tattoo of the patients and the depth of the tattoo.
4. Operators and patients are required to wear white or light-colored clothing and wear protective glasses of the appropriate wavelength.
5. It is necessary to take down all metal objects from the body to prevent the light reflection.
6. Do not wash with water within 48 hours after surgery.

Side effects and risks 

The hair is discolored and may fall off, but new hair will grow again in about four weeks, but in a short time, the newly grown hair will be denser than before, and then gradually become normal.
Maybe will bleeding at the site of treatment, but it varies from person to person. After swelling, there may be a feeling of uncomfortable, touch the muscle in the area of treatment and you will feel the muscle stiffening. These situations are normal treatment reactions that will completely disappear after 2 to 3 weeks.

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