What Is Vacuum Breast Enlargement Machine And How To Do?

What Is Vacuum Breast Enlargement Machine?

The vacuum breast enlargement machine is uses the negative pressure-vacuum therapy to work on the breast, the special breast cups on breast, then the breast will be sucking to the cups by the vacuum suction, the rhythm massage, sucking and release to the breast, then will stimulate the breast tissue, active the breast cells, promote blood circulation, so that can helps to enhancer the breast.

What Is The Best Breast Enhancement Products?

It the machine come with 3 pairs of different size breast cups, 3 pairs of different size of cupping cups, and 6 pairs scraping cups, 3 pcs fingertips. This kind of machine usually applies the vacuum therapy, can do for the breast enhancement massager, butts lifting, body detoxing, Lymphatic drainage, and face detoxing, lifting. After used the machine, body get relaxing, thigh get the better shape, help person to solve the breast problem and health care.

What Is The Benefit Of This Machine?

Hands free design with vacuum maintain function, before, operator need to keep at side of client during treatment to see the treatment situation, but now, operator can even do 2-3 client at the same time, vacuum maintain function, machine stop sucking when the vacuum sensor inside make sure the vacuum already reach the target vacuum suction. The first hands free breast enlargement breast massage machine on the market.

How Can I Do Treatment By This Breast Enlargement Vacuum Machine?

Nowadays, Although some young girls are very beautiful, they often feel inferior because of breast problem, some mothers become depressed, because their breast is not lifting and charming anymore after breastfeeding, and even some getting not happy for marriage cos of breast problem. Most of they tried many breast enlargement products, such as breast enhancement cream, oil, daily massage and healthy diet, etc., but these can not get expected result. Finally, hands-free breast enlargement machine is come, safe and without side effect, 20 minutes, 2-3 times every week with simple operate, bring you healthy, confident and happy life back

From this machine, you can get body lymphatic drainage, breast enlargement, butt lifting, thigh shape and face detoxing, lifting up, and etc. treatment.
And now we mainly talking about the breast enlargement treatment details, included the massage step and the treatment which can help you to get the better result by the same machine.

Firstly, the operator need to massage the client breast for some minutes, as below:
A. Standing on the head of the bed, both heads lifting the suspensory liqument from the middle of sputum to the underarm bad, for 3 times
B. Use the thumb to point the acupoint: langzhong, breast root, bale, yingchuan, zhongfu and yunmen, for 3 times
C. Appease: from the squat to the underarm do half circle for lifting, for 3 times
D. Overlap both heads palms, from the middle of sputum to both side of breast, and do like “8”, for 3 times
E. Pulled from the mamma accessoria received to suspensory ligament, first left side and right side, for 10 times
F. Do again the appease action for 3 times
G. Standing at the left side of the client to appease their breast for 3 times, then do same for right side
H. Push the breast duct around the chest with both hands, one around of chest for 3 times
I. Thumb dredging thoracic nodules of the breast (first alternate push and then circle rubbing) for 3 times
J. Appease the complete chest by both palms for lifting
K. Do another side of the breast

Then we will do the breast cups and vacuum cupping cups on breast
L. Choose the proper vacuum cupping cups to scrap on the breast for 1-2 times
M. Put the proper vacuum cupping cups on chest, recommend for Kufang(which is below the collarbone) and Zhongfu (which near the underarm), for 5-10 minutes according to the customers feeling
N. You can put the proper cups on the nipple for the customer who have the nipple retracted problem, put the cups on nipple for 3-8 minutes according to the customer feeling
O. Choose the proper breast cups and put on the breast, set up the vacuum maintain time, adjusting the comfortable suction power according to the customer feeling, keep treatment for 5-10 minutes
P. Take off the breast cups and clean the breast

Where Can I Do Breast Enhancement Massager Treatment?

The breast enlargement massager machine can work on breast, vacuum cupping cups for the thigh, back, waist, arms, butts, and face, fingertips for body, thigh, leg, arm, back.


How Long Can I Get Result By Enhance Breast Enlargement System?

10 Treatments for one session, after the first treatment, you will see the result of the breast lifting, after one session of treatment, the breast will get enlarger, and breast external extension problem will get lightening, but the best result will get after the 3 sessions of treatment.

If I Need To Do Treatment After I Get The Target Result?

Yes, the beauty maintain is the long last treatment, with the age growing, collagen will get less and less, so better to do one session of treatment every 3 or half a year when you get the target result.

Breast Enhancement Pump Before And After



1. Do breast enlargement machines work?
Yes, continuous sucking and sucking, release alternately, deep massage to make blood flow and stimulate the pituitary gland secretion of female hormones, strengthening breast connective tissue, stimulate breast growth, good to reshape the breast, lifting up breast and solve the problem of Breast left-right asymmetry.

2. What is breast enlargement pump risk?
This is the non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, have not any risk, and after the treatment, there is no downtime, only keep 4-6 hours not to take the cool water bath, and keep well for sunshine.

3. What other product should I apply for the treatment?
For the breast enhancement treatment, you should apply the oil or cream, and essential oil on the treatment area when do the cupping and scraping.

4. Where I can Get This Machine?
Get the machine from https://shop.mychway.com/itm/MS-2175.html

5. How much For it?
This is the upgraded hands free breast enlargement machine, the price is us$186 not included shipping, for the shipping fee, it is varies for the different country, when you need more details, you can contact us.


For the treatment, if you are the first time to do this kind of breast enhancement vacuum machine, then recommend to do 5-8 minutes, then after few treatment, for 10 minutes, but if you are always do this kind of breast enlarger treatment, you can do for 10-15 minutes, and treatment time can do different depending on customer feeling.

This is the treatment recommended for the breast enlargement enhancement by this hands free breast enhancement vacuum machine, if you want to know any more, please contact us to get more details.

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