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Vacuum RF Treatment VS Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

What Are Vacuum RF And RF Facial Treatment?

Vacuum RF treatment

By creating a vacuum negative pressure around the treatment area, the cellulite is kept away from the muscles, the blood flow is improved, and the lymphatic drainage is stimulated, and the triglyceride is excreted from the body, which has achieved the slimming effect. The radio frequency also generates heat at the same time, stimulates collagen regeneration and tightens the skin. Calories stimulate blood circulation, nourish the skin and help melt fat.

Radio frequency facial treatment

With the gradual popularization of facial care, rf has become a popular beauty treatment. It uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subcutaneous collagen production to reduce fine lines and loose skin. By re-forming the new collagen and elastin production through the dermal layer of the skin, RF facials form a firming Firming skin, perfect replacement for all kinds of cosmetic surgery that requires intrusion.

What Can Vacuum RF And RF Facial Treatment Do?

Using high-frequency RF and vacuum technology, it directly enters deeper fat cells, allowing fat cells to generate heat from the local area and enter a rapidly activated state, thus accelerating blood circulation. By increasing the blood circulation in the dermis, the purpose is to tighten the skin and tighten the skin that sag and relax due to aging. And because of the increased metabolic activity, the skin will be more elastic. Through metabolism and the lymphatic system, excess fat is gradually excreted. This aims to further dissolve fat cells, enhance blood and lymph circulation, and has metabolic benefits.

RF has a firming and firming effect. By stimulating collagen regeneration and elastin production, RF is particularly suitable for relaxing skin and neck, as well as chin, improving facial wrinkles, striated lines and various lines.

What Are The Benefits Of Vacuum RF And RF Facial Treatment?

Vacuum RF treatment

- Improve blood circulation
- Increase lymphatic circulation and eliminate toxins
- Reduce the appearance of cellulite
- Improve skin firmness, firmness and elasticity, promote metabolism
- Accelerates burning fat and reduces stubborn fat deposits in the buttocks and thighs
- Improve body contours, shape
- Even skin tone and smooth skin
- Improve skin firmness and elasticity

RF radio frequency facial treatment

The biggest benefit is the gradual change in the skin’s appearance. When radio frequency works to stimulate the new collagen and elastin in the face, the old, damaged and sagging skin is replaced. The new skin is naturally firmer and tighter, then your face would recover to youth appearance, smooth and elasticity. Radio frequency facial treatments are best suited for individuals struggling with loose, saggy, or wrinkled skin .

How About The Treatment Areas of Vacuum RF and RF Facial Treatment?

Vacuum RF treatment

Vacuum RF Treatment could be done over the entire body. especially for fat accumulation areas, like legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and waist. Also could make massage on body

RF facial treatment

RF facial treatment could be use on whole face, eyes, and neck, also could use on body.

What Is The Treatment Suggestion For Vacuum RF And RF Facial Treatment?

For the Vacuum RF therapy, it needs at least 6-8 sessions (once a week), the treatment time could be 25-30 minutes.

For the RF facial treatment, it would have a quick result after one treatment, the treatment time would be 10-15 minutes. We recommend 6-10 courses of treatment.

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