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Vacuum Cupping Therapy For Breast Enlargement And Lymphatic Detoxitation

With the improvement of living standards, the quality of people's lives has also raised higher requirements, so there will be many will pay attention to health. Compared with the past, people now pay more attention to the health of the body, including beauty. Therefore, more and more female friends are now doing more beauty projects, including physical care spas. This has become a habit in people's lives. Then, since there is such a need for life, then there will be a lot of the corresponding production.
Today I am going to introduce you to this beautiful instrument, which is very suitable for the body salon equipment. This is called the hands-free vacuum cupping therapy device, which contains a variety of vacuum glasses. So this instrument comes with a variety of body care treatments. Let's take a look at all those bodies cares that can be done?

What Is The Principle Of Vacuum Cupping?

There are many instruments in our life that use vacuum principle, such as vacuum air pumps, vacuum blister machines, vacuum suction cups, etc. Their principles are the same. The principle used in this vacuum breast enhancement machine is the same. The air in the pump is evacuated to form a vacuum, which creates a pressure difference with the atmosphere and uses this pressure difference to convert into the suction.
This is how a vacuum works, so why can vacuum instruments be used for breast enhancement?

Breast Enlargement Principle and Treatment

The adsorption pressure of the vacuum cup sucks up the fat layer and the lower tissue of the breast. Directly acting on the chest, it can effectively stimulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and stretch the massage of the glands and blood vessels of the breast by suction and awaken the subcutaneous tissue cells of the breast. The breast muscles are constantly tightened under the action of vacuum pressure, producing more collagen, the breasts become firmer, increase the thin breasts, promote the development of adolescent breasts, restore the sagging of the breasts caused by breastfeeding after the birth of the child, deformation.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy Advantage

This instrument can treat left and right chest caused by breast dysplasia; sagging breast; breast expansion; breast atrophy and other breast shape problems.

How Long The Result Can Be Seen?

According to different problems, the treatment time will be different. If it is the problem of sagging breast and breast expansion, it needs to be treated for 10~15 minutes once, and 2~3 times per week for 5~8 weeks. However, if some people have malformations in their breasts, they need to go to the plastic surgery hospital to consult a doctor.
If it is because of dysplasia in puberty, breast development is not good enough, the chest is small, or the size is not the same, then the treatment cycle is 3 to 5 times a week, each 10 minutes, lasting 5 to 7 weeks. After a period of treatment, you can see the obvious effect.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy For Lymphatic Detoxification

Use the stainless metal fingertips to detoxify and face your body. Lymph is distributed in every part of the body. For example, neck, neck, etc. Using the adsorption pressure of the vacuum to massage the lymphatic parts can speed up the blood flow of blood vessels, promote blood circulation and lymph circulation. A large amount of toxins in the body are excreted through the rapid circulation of blood and the circulation of lymph.

Benefits of Vacuum Cupping Therapy Lymphatic Detoxification

Lymphatic detoxification can promote the rapid circulation of lymph, help the body excrete waste in the body, restore normal circulation in the body, and increase resistance to clear the meridians to regulate endocrine disorders, and have good health functions for the human body. Long-term lymphatic drainage can dredge the meridians, can promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, once the meridian is unblocked, it can prevent the occurrence of a variety of diseases, so that the blood in the body can be smoothly restored to natural metabolism. Delays aging, beauty and beauty, and burns excess fat. It can also improve facial skin tone, remove facial bad breath, skin acne, constipation, and menstrual disorders.

How Many Vacuum Cupping Therapy Need?

Treatment time and treatment cycle for lymphatic drainage. It is necessary to make reasonable settings according to each person's physical condition. The general population can do it once a month. However, if the person with a poor physical condition can do it once a week, knowing that the physical condition is better, less lymphatic detoxification can be treated.
Note: Do not take a bath and do not touch the water within 8 hours after the lymphatic detoxification, because the skin is in the state of open pores.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy Cups

The cupping is to instantaneously extract the air in the glass jar to form a negative pressure inside the glass jar, which generates a huge suction force, so that the skin and muscle tissue are sucked into the tank. Because of the huge suction, the skin muscles are highly congested, the blood vessels are dilated, the blood flow is accelerated, and the metabolism is vigorous. The body's natural regulation function is enhanced to improve the body's resistance and immunity.

Benefits of Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Cupping can be used to qi and activating blood, and suffocating wind and cold, so it has a great effect on people with rheumatism, joint pain or lumbar disc herniation. The cupping can also be used on the acupuncture points of the human body for fixed-point treatment. It can treat headache, dizziness, rheumatism, asthma, and pain in the lower back and shoulders.


1.The cupping should choose the proper position of the body, the muscles are thicker, the skin is smooth, and there is no hair.
2. For the initial treatment, a small size glass jar should be used.
3. Do not move your body while holding the cupping, keep the distance between the glass jars, don't rely too close.
4. If there is high fever, coma, convulsions, stop in time, confirm the condition and rescue, so as not to delay the rescue opportunity.
5. After the treatment is completed, local redness and itching will occur, but do not touch it by hand, and do not take a bath within 8 hours.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy Side Effects

1.The area where the vacuum treatment is used will be red and swollen, but it will disappear soon.
2. For cupping, some people will have a weak condition after the treatment, please pay attention to rest.
3. There will be signs of redness and swelling after breast enhancement treatment, and you will feel breast pain, please don't worry, this phenomenon will soon disappear, it is only caused by external force.
4. After the lymphatic detoxification, the skin will have bruises, which is caused by the long-term friction of the skin and will soon disappear.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy Before&After


1. Can this be done as a salon?
Of course, this can be done together with breast enhancement, hip lifting, face-lifting, lymphatic drainage and other treatments.
2. Is vacuum cup breast enhancement permanent?
Of course not. This kind of breast enhancement technology is only an instrument made by the combination of physical theory and biological theory, but it plays an auxiliary role.
3. Need to be treated with other drugs?
No need to use the skin care products during the treatment.

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