Unoistion Cavitation 2.0

Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.0

The development of the weight loss industry has spawned many weight loss products. Then, it is not particularly easy to find a weight-loss product that is more efficient for you. Today's weight loss products are very much and including weight-loss technology yet. Many people who choose liposuction to lose weight, which should be best effective. But the recovery time is very long. Unlike ultrasound cavitation weight loss technology. No need to bring any trauma to your body. This weight loss technology is now very popular.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Principle

Ultrasonic cavitation weight loss technology is to use ultrasonic weight loss equipment by the low-frequency ultrasound in the selection of a good fat area, the ultrasonic energy release penetrates into the body's fat layer area. At the same time, together with the release of heat, speed up the body's blood circulation. Under the action of ultrasound, fat cells are broken by energy and shed fatty acids, effluent fatty acid. It then the dead fat cells will be catabolism in the body's natural conditioning. Finally, the dead fat cells are discharged to achieve weight loss.


How Many Treatment Do I Need?

Ultrasound weight loss requires setting the treatment time and treatment frequency according to each person's obesity level. Usually, it is done twice a week, each time around 1 hour. Then do it 8 to 10 times and the effect will appear. After completing these procedures, continue treatment according to each person's condition.


Before & After

The effect of ultrasound treatment will be treated for about 3 months, and it will have a very obvious effect.



1.What is The Different Between Unoisetion cavitation and Lipo laser?

First of all, the ultrasonic weight loss treatment technology is a non-surgical weight-loss technique. It is through the penetration of ultrasonic energy, which acts on the fat cells to produce vibration to lose weight.
Lipo laser weight loss technology is through the energy of the laser, penetrates into the fat layer of the skin, by heating the fat cells, allowing the cells to undergo thermal expansion and rupture to achieve weight loss.

2.What Kind Of Other Product Need?

Ultrasonic cavitation technology needs to use the gels or special emulsions for weight loss during use. Because ultrasonic waves have a large vibration frequency when working, it is better to use gels to get a better effect.

3.How Long Will See the Result

Usually, after 3 months, there will be a very obvious weight loss effect.

4.Side Effect

The side effects of ultrasound are not very large, but because everyone's physical condition is different, some people may have some side effects, such as:
Redness, allergies
Minor skin damage
Thirsty, dizzy

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