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The Best EMS Fitness Machine In 2019

How Does DFC EMS Fitness Works?

The principle of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) fitness is to stimulate muscle contraction by the external current. It is directly contacted by a piece of the electrode with a pulse function, mimicking muscle movement by contraction, stimulating the brain to complete the movement. The electronic pulse current directly acting on the muscle nerve can directly reach the fat body, stimulating the most dense nerve to induce the contraction movement of the muscle, so that the fat cells can generate the thermal friction heat of the cell body in a fast and active state, and make the muscles move like a movement. Produces self-contraction and relaxation, 10 times rapid weight-loss, high-speed fat loss, eliminates fat and firms the skin. At the same time, the digital frequency conversion system is used to set the energy individual. The energy output of each patch is set separately, and the operating frequency (high frequency or low frequency) is changed by the digital system according to the patient's physical condition, age, and the body's response to the current is automatically performed, thereby obtaining the optimal frequency and achieving the best effect.

DFC EMS Fitness Treatment Area

Can it work on which area? This has always been a matter of particular concern. DFC EMS fitness can be applied to many parts of the body: arms, arms, shoulders, back, thighs, waist, stomach, abdomen, buttocks, calves, and can train and manage whole body muscles. Moreover, the system can not only act on the superficial muscle layer, but also reach the deep muscle layer, and the effect is more comprehensive and profound.

Taboos of DFC EMS Fitness

However, patients with the following diseases should not be treated with electrical stimulation: acute inflammation, bleeding tendency or bleeding disorders, malignant tumors, skin infections, and artificial heart pacemakers.

Who Is The Candidates For DFC EMS Fitness

What Effects Can It Achieve?

1. Reduce fat and lose weight: electron pulse current directly acts on muscle nerves. Deep to the fat body, stimulate the densest nerves to induce muscle contraction movement, so that the fat cells in the fast active state, the heat energy of the cell body friction heat, so that the muscles can spontaneously contract and relax at high speed to eliminate fat.

2. Relieve pain: It can be used to treat muscle soreness after exercise, as well as muscle relaxation before and after exercise training, to treat low back pain. It can also be used for recovery of postoperative joint looseness, muscle soreness, etc.

3. Strengthen muscle shaping: it can not only act on superficial muscle layer, but also on deep muscle layer. It can stimulate the muscle contraction movement comprehensively and deeply, and effectively improve the muscle speed, endurance, and strength by training the large muscles of the body. Make the muscles stronger and firmer. So that the body looks firm and sleek.

4. Firming the skin: EMS acts on the skin and removes excess fat from the body by high-speed fat burning of fat cells in the fat layer during muscle contraction, lifting and firming the skin, leaving the skin glow and youthful.

5. Strong ridge body: In addition to stimulating muscle and lymphatic system, EMS can also indirectly affect glandular tissue, digestion, and skeletal system, strengthen bones, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, effectively eliminate body toxins, balance muscles and create perfect curves.

6. Breast lift: EMS can lift and tighten the breast when it is applied to the chest to prevent or improve the sagging of the breast.

7. Postpartum repair: Many women suffer from long-term rest and lack of exercise during pregnancy, causing body deformation and swelling. In addition, women often face atrophy of back and pelvic muscle loss after production, which causes a series of symptoms of basin dysfunction such as low back pain, hip pain and urinary incontinence. EMS can safely and effectively solve the rectus abdominis separation, improve the symptoms of lower back pain and other symptoms, suitable for many mothers.


1. Efficient, time-saving, comprehensive and effective.
Traditional Muscle Training vs DFC&EMS:
Traditional muscle training can only exercise very local muscles at a time and each training time is long. It is difficult for people who do not have too much time to exercise but want to lose weight successfully. The systemic EMS training can exercise 90% of the muscles at the same time, and only need 1 or 2 times a week, which is equivalent to 3 to 5 times of training in traditional equipment, which is more time-saving and efficient. At the same time, he can reach the deep muscle group that is difficult to be involved in traditional training and effectively improve the speed, endurance, and strength of the muscle. The training is deeper and more comprehensive.
2. Easy to learn: Take the basic movements in traditional fitness, easy to learn. Long-term persistence, the results are obvious.
3. Non-invasive, painless, safe and effective.
4. Using digital frequency conversion, it can serve different user groups in a targeted manner.

Treatment Program Recommend


1. Is it harmful to the body?
No, it is non-invasive and painless.

2. How long does it usually take to see the effect?
If it is used to relieve pain, it will have an obvious effect after one use. If it is for weight loss and body sculpting, you can see the obvious effect after about three weeks with a normal daily diet. If you stick to it, the effect will be more obvious. If you have reached the goal of slimming, you only need one month to do recovery training.

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