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Microcurrent Treatment

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent is the application of frequency to the current in the injured part of the body. Micro-current therapy can help injured tissue heal faster and reduce pain caused by injury or chronic disease. Micro-current therapy is the most valuable time to combine your personal workout plan with a manual treatment session.

How Microcurrent Therapy Works

Micro-current therapy sends a low current to your skin that is almost the same as your body's own natural electrical frequency. Current flowing through your body adds more electrons to your system, helping you build energy faster and stimulate tissue and cell repair.

You may have heard or tried a machine called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation that uses a slight electric shock to treat pain. Microcurrent therapy works like this, but the current is very weak, so you usually don't feel anything. Although the goal of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine is to relieve chronic pain in the short term, the goal of microcurrent is to chronically relieve and cure chronic pain and provide many other benefits.

The physiotherapist places the electrode in the target area of the body, or if your face has a micro-current, the esthetician will pierce your face with two metal spikes. This therapy is safe and approved by FDA. But if you are pregnant, or with a pacemaker, don't wear it.

Microcurrent Treatment Area

We can tighten and tone even the most stubborn areas, including the arms, legs, buttocks, and abdominals. Additionally, Microcurrent offers a distinct advantage over other fat reduction programs. Treatment plans can be customized to target your specific areas of concern. Programs can provide either a detoxifying, lymphatic drainage effect for cellulite or lifting and toning benefit for saggy and crepey skin, as well as a combination of both.

Its rapid treatment is aimed at the obvious signs of aging in the eyes, forehead, mouth, and jaw.

Recommended Treatments

Microcurrent is a safe, non-invasive method of skin regeneration that has had significant effects after the first surgery and continues to improve with each subsequent procedure. The number of operations required depends on the patient's skin condition and age. In addition, in addition to a series of basic treatments, our doctors recommend a further maintenance procedure to keep the younger look longer. Each additional program helps the new contour to reinforce its position. In general, patients will notice a reduction in skin aging for 5-7 years.
A typical course of treatment ranges from 4 courses to 15 courses. After that, going once a month is usually all that is needed to maintain facial muscle tone and youthful appearance.

1. 20 - 30 years old: the process of delaying aging
2. 30 - 35 years old: 4 - 6 basic procedures, 1-8 weekly maintenance
3. 35 - 40 years old: 6 - 10 basic treatments, 2 times a week; maintenance 6 - 8 weeks
4. 40 - 50 years old: 8 - 12 basic courses, 3 times a week, 2 times a week after 1 week. Maintenance every 4-8 weeks.
5. 50 - 60 years old: 12 - 15 basic treatments, 3 times a week for 2 weeks, then 2 times a week. Maintenance every 4-8 weeks.
6. More than 60 years: 15 basic treatments, 3 times a week; every 4 weeks
7. The perfect lunch face lift on special occasions of up to two days.
8. Lift the skin after surgery to support the lift and treat blood stasis, scars and numbness.

Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized with the help of microcurrent processing. Extra high-intensity hydration gives your skin and appearance a new look. A micro-current fast program takes 20 minutes and provides immediate results. Make your age a mystery and let everyone guess!

Benefits of Microcurrent treatment

1. Enhances muscle tension in the face and neck
2. Lift sagging jowls and eyebrows
3. Remove dead skin cells
4. Treating sunburned skin
5. Increase product absorption
6. Reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines

Before & After


1. Does Microcurrent Hurt?
A: Micro-current therapy is delivered to the skin and muscles by pads placed on important parts of the body. The beautician will adjust the level based on your feedback. So you can control the feeling of a meeting. In addition, there is no downtime during the treatment and you can resume normal activities immediately.

2. What is the Microcurrent Treatment Side Effects?
A: Microcurrent extraction is non-invasive and is therefore considered painless liposuction. Microcurrent is a generally safe treatment with few microcurrent side effects. However, there is a slight risk of drowsiness and nausea after surgery. There are very few bruises. In addition, there are some microcurrent contraindications. Patients with epilepsy implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers or hearing aids) and pregnant women should avoid microcurrent therapy.

3. How Much Does a Microcurrent Body Cost?
A: Microcurrent Face lift:
1 Treatment – $150
10 Treatment Series – $1250;
Microcurrent Lunchtime Face lift:
1 Treatment – $125
Add-on Microcurrent for Eye Area or Mouth Area – $35;
Microcurrent Express Treatment:
1 Treatment – $60
10 Treatment Series – $500

4. How soon will I see results?
A: Improvements can be very significant, and most clients will see improvements immediately in a single session. As your facial muscles memorize are realized and maintained, the years easily disappear from the surface of the skin. This is achieved without any pain, thermal damage, or downtime. Moreover, because this change is gradual rather than dramatic, the results are much more natural than other non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

5. Who is NOT a candidate for treatment?
A: There are some contraindications to this treatment, including pregnancy or a patient with any of the following conditions: Pacemaker, Heart disease, Epilepsy, Active Melanoma, Phlebitis

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