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Lunch Time Face Lift | Microcurrent Facial Treatment

In life, I believe that many young women who love beauty have heard about the phenomenon of weight loss such as plastic surgery. Indeed, after many people lose weight successfully, their appearance will change greatly, and the value of the face will soar. Systemic weight loss is easy, but local weight loss has some difficulties, especially those who look obese on the face is the general choice of weight-loss method, it does not have much effect, you must take appropriate surgery before you can The current face-lift surgery is very good for improving the situation of the face too large, the effect will be immediately presented, and the micro-current thin face is no harm.

Microcurrent facials are safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-surgical facials that are known to be the most effective way to lift, sculpt, and tighten different aWhat Is The Lunchtime Microcurrent Facial Treatment?as of the face and body.
Micro electric current non-surgical face thinners use electric current to stimulate and strengthen muscles and tissues under the skin. This improves elasticity and immediately creates a younger, more toned look.
Here we will tell how the facelifts micro-current facial treatment does.

What Is The Lunchtime Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

The face is exposed to the sun all year round, and all your emotional waste is piled on the face. We go to the gym and go running, but the movement of the face is very small. Lack of dredge metabolism blocked meridians, the face will be stiff and drooping. The cycle is not good, the skin will not be good.
Microcurrent technology has been used to treat damaged tissues and muscles since the 1800s. But the world's first high-tech beauty treatment was created when doctors for bell palsy patients noticed that their faces looked smoother and younger after receiving micro electric treatment.
Face sculpting "lunchtime facelift" is a non-surgical microcurrent facial treatment for the neck, face, eyes, eyebrows and forehead that can make you look much younger. This treatment improves, darkens and reduces fine lines, making you look younger and healthier in a short time. One of the most amazing things about microcurrent technology is the speed with which the treatment is performed.

How Do The Microcurrent Facelift Therapy Treatment Do?

Through micro-current, it stimulates muscle massage to restore muscle elasticity, while current stimulation of the dermis also promotes cells to produce more ATP, which is a key substance of collagen. Therefore, the micro-current massage face can accelerate the production of collagen and make the facial lines clearer, thus achieving the effect of tightening and lifting the face.
Also, it can make the local fat layer fully exercise, so that the body's basal metabolism is improved, and the effect of reducing fat and eliminating fat is achieved. Therefore, many devices that reduce fat and shape will also adopt micro-wave technology.

What Are The Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial?

1. Enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, and restore skin elasticity;
2. Accelerate blood circulation of microvessels, enhance cell permeability, and effectively supply nutrients to muscle tissue and skin;
3. The electric ions generated by the micro-current can penetrate the skin deeply, replenish the skin moisture to make it moisturize, smooth and tender;
4. The microwave current makes the electric power stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, helping to repair the skin elastic fibers and the gelatinous layer tissue, thereby stretching and reducing wrinkles.

What Should Pay Attention To The Microcurrent Facial Therapy Treatment?

1. Broken skin, acne-inflamed skin should not be treated with a micro-current beauty instrument.
2. Using the massage stick to operate, the first four movements should be slow, there should be a certain intensity; when doing the latter two movements, move quickly and rhythm, light and not floating.
3. The cotton ball in the massage stick must be filled with a sufficient amount of medium (such as gel, water, essential oil, etc.).

How Long Microcurrent Facial Results Last?

If a complete treatment is properly completed and continues every month, a facial massage and a scientific diet are appropriate. The result should last for 3-4 years. Bio-Ultimate Age-Defying FacialTM is one of the fastest-growing services in the beauty and anti-aging industry today.

What Is The Application Of Microcurrent Face Lift?

The micro-current massager is generally suitable for most people, but it is best not to use it for patients with heart disease or patients with arrhythmia. If it is operated correctly, it will not cause any sequelae to the user. However, if it is not operated correctly, there will be dizziness and nausea. Because many people pay attention to maintenance nowadays are some elderly people, and in many cases, the elderly are completely new to this newly developed instrument and should be used correctly to function. If the micro-current massager can be used correctly, it will work, which requires us to actively play its beneficial effects and better serve human beings.

Microcurrent Facial Before And After

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