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High Frequency Acne Treatment

High frequency is a safe and non-invasive technology for skin rejuvenation, acne removal and hair regrowth. It was developed to treat acne by skin cell aging, insufficient cell activity, melanin deposition etc. The skin water storage function decrease, then accumulation of dead stratum corneum, bad influence to skin layer, finally, the acne is appear on the face.

How Does High Frequency Work?

High frequency vibrations to generate thermal effects, increases activity in the skin's basal layer, refines skin texture and gives an improvement in the skin's defense against bacteria. when the glass electrode working, it will generate ozone formation and ultraviolet light, effects for germicidal and anti-bacterial, it limits sebaceous secretions, drying and healing the pustular infection. Impurities are released by the dilation of skin pores. The improvement of lymphatic and venous blood circulation produces enhanced skin texture and oil and moisture balance.

Treatment Area

High frequency work for scalp, forehead, face, both side of nose, neck, back, chest.

Treatment Program Recommend

First course of treatment recommended
Ultrasound+Dermabrasion+Suction: 2 sessions
Product need: Ultrasonic gel, AHA

Second course of treatment recommended
High frequency+LED: 8 Sessions
Product need: Soft acne removal product

Third course of treatment recommended
High frequency+LED+cooling hammer: 3 sessions
Product need: Moisturized cream

Acne Removal Before & After


What product should apply on treatment area during treatment?
For acne removal, apply some acne removal product to improve result.
For wrinkle removal, apply the moisturized cream will better.
If oil skin, can operate the electrode direct.

How long time for each treatment?
5-10 minutes is recommended, please note do not stay at same area for 10 second, you should keep moving by skin texture.

What should to do after treatment?
Do not scratch the face after treatment, after treatment, apply the moisturize mask for 10 minutes. Do the daily skin care as usual.

How many treatments can see result?
Result is vary by individual and skin type, the complete result is gradual. Three to four treatments may be needed for clear result.

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