Fat Freezing Machine Treatment 2019


For a long time, we have been using heat to lose weight, such as high temperature yoga, sauna, laser fat melting and so on. And when the hot summer is coming, when it is the season that is most suitable for us to lose weight, the above traditional way does not seem very comfortable. The new frozen fat-dissolving technology has brought us cool in the hot summer.

What's the fat freezing machine principle ?

The non-invasive frozen energy extraction device delivers precisely controlled frozen energy to a specified fat-dissolving site at a temperature of about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius (eg, waist, abdomen, back, etc.). Apoptosis, then through the body's natural metabolic process, gently excreted.


What's the fat freezing machine advantage ?

1.Cool and comfortable, no pain;
2, no need to move the knife, no wounds;
3, no need for anesthesia, no pinholes;
4, safe, no recovery period;
5, the average can reduce fat by 20%;

What's the fat freezing machine treatment ?

1. Open the ice film packaging bag with scissors;
2. Remove the ice film;
3. Attach the ice film to the treatment site;
4. The treatment head is adsorbed at the treatment site;
5. The fat layer is deeply inhaled into the treatment head;
6. Remove the treatment head;
7, the treatment site appears red, is a normal phenomenon, slowly disappearing every few days.



1. Do you want to drink water during treatment?
****No need.
2. Can you continue to exercise after you have finished the treatment?
****No need.

3. Do you have to use a frozen film when doing the treatment?
****Yes, it had to apply a frozen film to protect your skin from the cold temperature.

4. Can you take a shower after treatment?
****You can take a shower after 2-3 hours late.

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