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Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS Treatment

The Principle Of Electronic Muscle Stimulation

By creating electronic impulses to stimulate specific parts of the body, electrotherapy effectively builds muscles, relieves various body aches, promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, helps to enhances and tightens skin, and brings you a fascinating and healthy body.

The benefits of EMS

1. Will improve joint pain and swelling
2. Prevent and improve muscle atrophy
3. Speed up muscle recovery
4. Increase the range of motion of tight muscles or tendons
5. Reduce stress and discomfort
6. Improve blood flow and circulation

How Many Treatment Do I Need?

We recommend 2 to 6 sessions per week, 20-45mins per treatment.
After 3 to 4 weeks of regular use, you will experience a measurable improvement in muscle tone and constitution.
For weight loss, you can see the results after about 25 sessions.

Before & After


1. Is there any side effect with long stimulation?
No, muscle stimulation has been around for decades and no problems have been found. You may feel tired, muscle twitching after the treatment.

2. Is there an absolute contraindication?
Yes. Do not use this device in cases of epilepsy or in persons with pacemakers.
In addition, no stimulation should be applied around the stomach for pregnant women or people with suffocation or events.
Electrodes should never be applied to the head (except for procedures designed for facials), and patients with heart disease should not place electrodes near the heart.

3. How does electrical stimulation improve traditional training methods?
It will enable you to increase training time, improve training quality and improve resilience.
You can train better and better in less time: save time, improve efficiency and performance.

4. Is electrical stimulation effective in relieving pain?
Yes, electrical stimulation is a commonly used technique with very good results in the areas of treatment and pain management.
Usually used to treat specific target areas such as back pain, muscle atrophy, bone or joint trauma, etc.

5. Will electrical stimulation help me lose weight?
Electrical stimulation does not cause significant weight loss, it can help you shape your body and tighten your muscles.
If you need professional weight loss treatment, please choose other methods, such as cavitation, lipo laser, cryolipolysis, etc.

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