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Do Electronic Muscle Stimulators Really Work For Muscle Training?

Do electronic muscle stimulators really work for muscle Training? How many minutes to do treatment for every day you think you can get the result? Most of person think there should be more than 1 hours every day to get a good result. But now the brand new intelligent digital frequency conversion DFC ems machine is coming, which make the 20 minutes treatment time to get the 1-hour result. And you can use this electric microcurrent slimming machine for body relaxing after long time gym or exercise.

Why Digital Frequency Conversion(DFC) System Can Do Muscle Training?

Digital frequency conversion is known as DFC, which can set up the individual output, different energy setting for each electrode pad, which is better for treatment. Upgraded DFC system is special for spa, by the normal machine on market, we must do the same energy setting for all treatment area by 10 pair electrode pads, even sometimes we get uncomfortable by too high or too low energy. So now we produced the new EMS machine with this kind of DFC digital frequency electric current system, which help you to get better treatment result.

What Is EMS Microcurrent Machine?

EMS, electric muscle stimulation, which uses the low level of electric current to stimulate the muscle, when the electric current go through the body, blood circulation get fast, muscle will get contraction effect, which can help to release pain, promote body metabolism, also ems electric microcurrent slimming can do body slimming treatment. As normal, this kind of microcurrent therapy machines come with 10 pair microcurrent electrode pads and some with come with 1 pair breast pads for breast massage.

What Is The Benefits Of This EMS Microcurrent Electrotherapy Machine?

A. Reduce cellulite on Arms, Abdomen,Buttocks,Thighs and Calf for losing weight purposes
B. Enhance the blood circulation of shoulder,neck,back,hip and waist and vertebrae,removing body fatigue and stress;
C.Stimulate tension tight muscle to do contracting exercises,lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line;
D. Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae strains due to work;
E. Relieving arthritis, arthralgia, rheumatism;
F. Unclogging mammary gland,developing strong and beautiful breasts;
G. Faradic stimulation to prevent breast cancer and relative diseases

How Can I Do For The EMS Microcurrent Massage Treatment?

For this treatment, we are talking about the microcurrent electrode pads ems electric stimulation machine, we can do as below the pictures

1. Neck and Shoulder
Massage the neck and shoulder,stimulate the blood circulation so that to reduce fatigue and relieve stress.

2. Neck and Shoulder and Arms
Massage the neck,shoulder ,stimulate the blood circulation
so that to reduce fatigue and relieve stress;Removing the cellulite of arms and tightening the saggy muscle so that to slim arms.

3. Breast
Unclogging mammary gland,stimulating the development of breasts and adjusting the secretion of Hormone.

4. Belly
Removing the cellulites and lifting the saggy muscle

5. Back
Exercise the back muscle to promote blood circulation and alleviate fatigue and reduce ache and pain;Remove the redundant cellulite and tighten the back muscle.

6. Hips
Eliminate the cellulites and lift up the saggy muscle.

7. Legs
Remove the cellulites and lift up the saggy muscle

Where I Can Put The Microcurrent Electrode Pads During Treatment?

Microcurrent electrode pads can put on neck, shoulder, arms, breast, belly, back, hips, and legs, but please notice, this kind of Electric microcurrent bio slimming must not put on the area which near the heart. Cos of electric current will make the heart beat too fast, even let you feel uncomfortable.

How Long I Can Get The Result?

The result is varies as the customs healthy and body situation, but most of person can feel body is get relaxing after the first treatment, and after the first session of treatment, you will feel the body is getting thinner, and feel more fitness, but we recommend to do complete 3 session of treatment to keep the good result. One session is for 10 treatments.


A. What other products i need to apply during treatment?
We suggest to apply the ultrasonic gel or cream when you do the treatment, put some gel or cream on the pads then put the pads on the treatment area, and use the bandage to hold the microcurrent electrode pads.

B. How long to do for one treatment?
If you are the first time to use this kind microcurrent massage machine, then you can do first for 5-8 minutes, and later to longer time, say 8-12 minutes, but if you are always do this kind EMS microcurrent treatment, you can do 15-20 minutes. The treatment time is optional according to your feeling during treatment.

C. What is the microcurrent treatment side effects?
Microcurrent physical therapy is non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, it would not influence your life before or after treatment, so there is without side effect if you do the treatment properly, but if you want to do treatment at home by yourself, please get enough information about it.

D. How much for this kind of ems electric microcurrent machine?
For this machine, the price is us$170.25 not included shipping, shipping fee will be varies for your country. But you can contact us to get the best shipping fee.

E. Where i can get more information about this machine?
You can get more information or purchasing from this link:

F. If I have more question, how can i do ?
You can contact me by Livechat, whatsapp, email or skype, we will reply you asap, also if you have any other question about the treatment, you can leave your comments, our professional manager to give you the good reply.

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