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Breast Enhancement Massage Machine Treatments

What Is A Breast Enhancement Beauty Massage Machine?

Breast enhancement massage machine replaces all the items in the traditional beauty salon. It can be done from head to toe, facelift, eye bags, dark circles, shoulder and neck imperfections, breasts, small enlargement, 3 to 5 cm fibroids, lobular hyperplasia, drooping, etc., slimming weight loss, hip lifting, treatment of constipation, stomach cold, palace cold, private, slimming, and also magical effect, it replaces the artificial service, it is made by traditional scraping, pressing, cupping, massage acupuncture points, through the meridian to the instrument, safe, effective, simple and convenient, no injection, no medicine, no surgery, no side effects, the whole process of external use and immediate results. The negative pressure health instrument can actively perform dynamic vacuum suction and release on the breast, and effectively deepen the breast to press the muscle movement, deep dredge, and improve the obstruction phenomenon.

The instrument can be operated in a wide range of parts, face, chest, buttocks, back, abdomen, legs, arms, face, cupping, sucking, private tightness, detoxification, weight loss and so on.
The scraping and cupping are introduced from the inside to the body surface and finally is emitted from the body surface. The irritating effect of the scraping promotes the peripheral blood flow, and then the blood flow of the whole body also benefits. Cupping is also a physical therapy like acupuncture, and cupping is one of the best treatments in physiotherapy. It is a therapeutic treatment that uses negative pressure to attract it to the skin and cause congestion. When cupping, the cans are licked at the affected area or acupuncture points, and the moisture at the symptom can be slowly sucked out. Colleagues promote local blood circulation and achieve the purpose of relieving pain and restoring function. They can chill and stagnate the meridians, Qi and promote blood circulation, and reduce swelling. Pain relief, detoxification, and diarrhea adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body, relieve fatigue, enhance physical fitness, and function.

Does Breast Massage Really Effective?

Does massage really make your chest bigger? This is one of the problems I often encounter. To answer this question, you must first understand what constitutes your breast. The breast is mainly composed of adipose tissue and fatty fat. Both reactions are very sensitive when stimulated. By massaging your breasts, you are actually stimulating to support your tissue and lymphatic circulation, triggering many positive effects that lead to the firmness and shape of the breast. Self-massage therapy can also trigger a healthy hormonal response and increase the level of oxytocin. This is why breast massage can be a very effective way to increase breast size.

Use a very tight pressure massage, using a loop, inward and upward strokes, once or twice a day, 5-10 minutes each time. During the massage, there is blood circulation in the massage area, which stimulates the breast to strengthen and tighten. If possible, massage with massage oil or cream immediately after showering, with a breast massage machine is the best. Many ointments and creams have been invented and can be used when used with breast enhancement massages. The use of this cream can improve the fullness and overall appearance of the breast. It also stimulates tissue growth and makes your breasts look more beautiful and bigger.

How To Do A Breast Massage?

Here are the specific steps to make a breast massage correctly:
1. Apply some massage oil or cream to your breasts. This is to reduce the unpleasant feeling brought about by the novel. Oils and creams will make you feel more comfortable while you massage, and will also increase your sense of pleasure.
2. Massage from the center of the breast and press hard with the palm of your hand. Follow the contours of the breast from the inside out. Make sure your hand moves in a circular motion from the outside to the center of the body. Repeat about 20 times.
3. Use alternating hand movements to sweep forward from the underarm and up. Repeat about 20 times.
4. Lift the chest with both hands and support it vigorously. Repeat the same movement 20 times on the other side.
5. Repeat the second step with a lighter stroke and do not push the chest inward.
6. Use a breast massage machine to ease your burden, it is very convenient and can help you massage automatically

For breast enhancement massage machines, our recommended treatments are below:

1. Facial Care

The main function is to improve wrinkles, fine lines; tighten facial skin tissue; improve allergic skin immunity; improve pigmented skin; accelerate the discharge of aged products.

Facial care treatment is suitable for people with lack of luster on the face, rough skin and blackheads; people who drink often and often suffer from insomnia; people with long-spotted acne on the face; people with unclear facial contours and meridians.

Project time: 45 minutes, care cycle: once a week

Facial care can eliminate the effect of sputum, add oxygen to the skin, accelerate skin metabolism and detoxification at a deeper level, and have a facial firming effect.
Suggested treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, once finished rosy in the back, blood circulation is accelerated, after a course of treatment, the skin begins to metabolize toxins, acne muscles are improved, blackheads are slowly reduced, and the contours of the skin are improved after three treatments. The strength is enhanced and the skin is healthy and shiny.

Note: It is forbidden to expose to the sun, to hydrate more, to keep the skin moist and refreshed, and to maintain the skin regularly. It can be combined with professional skin cleansing and hydrating programs to promote more effective absorption of nutrients.

2. Back Lymphatic Detoxification

The main function is to use the negative pressure to cause it to suck on the skin to cause congestion. This treatment method can adjust the body's yin and yang balance by cold and dampness, dredging meridians, removing stasis, Qi and activating blood circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain, and extracting toxic and diarrhea. It relieves fatigue and enhances physical function, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and eliminating evil spirits and curing diseases. Therefore, many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy. It can also promote blood circulation in the body, eliminate toxins from the body, relieve fatigue, effectively improve dizziness, fatigue, help regulate physical and mental fatigue, accelerate metabolism and waste excretion, and reduce toxicity to skin and internal organs.

This treatment is suitable for stress, anxiety, temper tantrum, back pain, muscle aches, insomnia, etc. Sedentary, office, crowds who are prone to insomnia and dreams.

Project time: 60 minutes, Care cycle: once a week (according to the situation)

Suggested treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, after one time, the body will go out and expel the body from the moisture and wind evil. After a course of treatment, the back becomes easy and relieves the symptoms of shoulder and neck pain. After three courses, the rich bag disappears and the blood runs normally. Good sleep quality and enhanced physical fitness.

Note: After six hours in the bath (or not wash the same day); Avoid blowing cold; Drink more hot water, help detoxification metabolism; Cupping is not the longer the better, according to the actual situation set.

3. Systemic Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a circulatory system and the immune system. It is also the body's defense station and recycling garbage station, preventing external bacterial infection and recycling of garbage and toxins in the body. Lymph is also the body's largest detoxification system. Systemic lymphatic drainage can accelerate lymphatic flow, accelerate the process of natural detoxification, help the body remove waste through the lymphatic system, stimulate lymphatic activity, increase lymphocyte productivity, improve the body's metabolism, and promote the function of the immune system.

Project time: 120 minutes Care cycle: once a week (according to the situation)

Suggested course of treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, after one time, the whole body is smooth, the lymph of the whole body begins to circulate, the metabolism of the body is accelerated under one course of treatment, the nodules of the lymphatic block begin to disappear slowly, and the quality of sleep and gynecological problems are improved after three courses of treatment. The menstruation is normal and the size of the arms and thighs becomes smaller. The axillary lymph node bulge basically disappeared.

Note: 1. After 4-6 hours, take a bath, 2. Avoid blowing cold, 3. Avoid eating spicy and greasy things, 4. Drink more hot water to help metabolism, 5. Avoid staying up late, smoking. 6. Cupping is not the longer the better, depending on the actual situation.

4. Breast Enhancement Therapy

For a woman, a full and straight chest is very important, whether it is self, life, work or communication, marriage, etc., this Breast Enhancement Massage Machine will make you more confident and more beautiful!

Breast enhancement The massage machine uses vacuum negative pressure on the human body. It is attracted by the special tool in the breast through the negative pressure inside the instrument. The negative pressure of different rhythms in the breast makes the breast body relatively lift and achieve the effect of increasing the breast. The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries congestion, stimulate the organs, enhance the cell vitality, promote the functional activities, and improve the body's resistance; the mechanical stimulation of negative pressure, transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway, can regulate the nerve activity tends to balance. During the operation, the inspiratory deflation, the increase of negative pressure and the disappearance of the negative pressure make the local pores continue to open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the oxygen absorption, and speed up the waste elimination.

It has the functions of warming meridians and collaterals, promoting Qi and activating blood circulation, opening phlegm and relieving phlegm, dispersing phlegm and swelling, eliminating poison and exorcism. Combined with deep massage to smooth blood, clear breast acinus, invisible gas to drive tangible blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete female hormones, strengthen breast connective tissue, stimulate breast growth. Promote uterine contraction, tighten skin elastic fibers, prevent skin tissue from loosening and dispersing.

Taboo population: 1. Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation. 2. Patients with diseases 3. Those who have surgery on the chest, 4. Those with skin problems or allergies in the chest, 5. Severe hyperplasia, patients with tumors and chest diseases, 6. Heart disease, high blood pressure patients, 7. People who are too weak.

Project time: 60 minutes Care cycle: once a week

Suggested treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, once the chest is finished, the chest has a firming effect and the effect is increased. The breast and the expansion and sagging will slowly tighten and concentrate. The breasts are large and straight, and the effect will be more obvious.

5. Buttock Enhancement Therapy

Mainly by using the negative pressure inside the cup, the local capillaries can be congested, stimulate the organs, enhance the cell vitality, promote the functional activities, and improve the body's resistance; mechanical stimulation of negative pressure, through the reflex pathway to the central nervous system, can regulate the nerve Activities tend to be balanced. During the operation, the inspiratory deflation, the increase of negative pressure and the disappearance of the negative pressure make the local pores continue to open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the oxygen absorption, and speed up the waste elimination.

Project time: 60 minutes Care cycle: once a week

Suggested treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, after the completion of the hips, the buttocks have an effect of lifting. After a course of treatment, the excess fat in the buttocks begins to disappear, and the surrounding fat begins to concentrate. After three courses of treatment, the hip curve is formed, the hip elasticity is increased, and the gynecological palace is improved. Cold and other issues.

6. Abdominal Cupping Project

Abdominal cupping is the use of external force to open the pores so that the waste in the body can be excreted through the pores, and also has a certain renewal effect on some aging cells. By local conditioning, local blood and body circulation can be accelerated to accelerate metabolism and achieve weight loss. Through these principles, cupping the stomach can reduce the fat on the stomach. Tummy cupping can also have a good therapeutic effect on colds such as colds or palace colds. It can regulate the internal organs, balance yin, and yang, and improve autoimmune function.

Project time: 60 minutes Care cycle: once a week (according to the situation)

Suggestions for treatment: 10 times for a course of treatment, after a single operation, the abdomen will be detoxified. After a course of treatment, the excess fat in the abdomen will gradually decrease, and the digestion and absorption capacity will be improved. The three courses will improve the abdominal coldness, improve immunity and strengthen the body.

7. Private Part

The main functions are:
1. Tighten the vagina
2. Discharge the vagina into the poison, and residual metabolites, restore the vaginal clean, regulate the balance
3. Increase the fullness and elasticity of the vaginal wall
4. Maintain the warm nest to balance the normal secretion of estrogen and progesterone
5. Improve the color of the perineum
6. Tighten the vagina.

Applicable to irregular menstruation (dysmenorrhea, a small amount, blood clots); pregnant, production, abortion, contraception, sexual intercourse, etc.; vaginal discharge abnormalities, odor; long skin spots, acne, dark yellow, sagging, wrinkles, etc.; memory loss, The population of immune decline.

Project time: 45 minutes Care cycle: once a week

Suggestions for treatment: 1. 10 times for a course of treatment, once you have done it, you can feel tight. After a course of treatment, the color of the groin and labia begin to fade, slowly start to tighten, and the private parts begin to be rosy and firm during the three treatments. Menstruation begins to return to normal, dysmenorrhea symptoms improve, and happy life is restored.

If you want to increase your chest size, you need to do this self-massage regularly. Let this message become part of your daily life twice a day. For better results, you can use massage oil or breast cream with massage techniques. Use with the machine will let you achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Breast Enhancement Massage Machine Treatments FAQ

Q. What should I pay attention to when doing breast augmentation massage?
A: Drink warm water, keep warm
2. Wear comfortable underwear, do not press hard on the chest.
3. Take a bath after 3.4-6 hours
4. Avoid blowing and getting cold.
5. When you first use 1-3 times, the strength is not too large, so as to avoid local congestion.
6. If the breast is asymmetrical, the small side should be first enlarged and then carried out on both sides.
7. The chest stiffness after breast augmentation surgery is not suitable for too much strength.
8. Selecting the peak of hormone secretion (the fourth day after the menstrual period) is better for breast treatment.

Q: What kind of treatment can this breast massage machine do?
A: 1. Facial care; 2. Back lymphatic drainage; 3. Systemic lymphatic drainage; 4. Breast enhancement therapy; 5. Buttock enhancement therapy; 6. Abdominal cupping project; 7. Private part.

Q: What is the scope of the Breast Enhancement Machine?
A: 1. Breast enhancement, breast enhancement, hip lifting (resolving problems such as the flat chest, left and right asymmetry, loose hips, sagging, etc.); 2. correct the milk shape, repair the nipple (to solve the nipple retraction, milky nipple bias, etc.); 3. scraping detoxification, cupping; 4. adjustment of endocrine, breast lobular hyperplasia have significant effects; 5. promote uterine contraction, improve coldness; 6. delay menopause, delay aging; 7. Improve immunity.

Q: What are the taboos for breast enhancement?
A: 1. Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation; 2. Patients with diseases; 3. The chest has surgery; 4. The chest has skin problems or allergies; 5. Severe hyperplasia, patients with tumors and chest diseases; 6. Heart disease, high blood pressure patients; 7. People who are too weak.

Q: What does it mean if your chest hurts most of the time?
A: This may mean that your breasts are still growing and are a bit sensitive due to the pain of growth.

Q: If my breasts are still growing, is it safe to exercise and diet here?
A: Of course - exercise and a healthy diet are always good for your body (as long as you don't let yourself go hungry). Remember, if you are exercising, you must eat protein to feed your muscles and see significant progress. Just make sure you don't take too many calories.

Q: Does massaging the breast increase in size?
A: When you massage your chest, blood circulation increases, so a lot of phytoestrogens flow to the chest. In addition to increasing the size of your chest, massaging your chest will also help tighten them, giving you a lively and beautiful chest.

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