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What Is S Shape Cavitation Machine?

S Shape cavitation machine is the newest ultrasonic cavitation machine, applies the non-surgical, non-invasive high frequency of 40khz to fast vibrate the fat cells, which will break down the fat cells and get into free fatty acids and glycerol, then vacuum radio frequency treatment will speed up body blood circulation and metabolism, so that fat cells will get rid of from body fast to get the weight loss result.

Ultrasonic cavitation system is effective to removal unwanted fat without side effect. Besides, the machine comes with body vacuum radio frequency, which combines the negative pressure and radio frequency on the same handle, the vacuum keep suction and release, radio frequency warm up to stimulate skin cells, active cells and promote collagen, good for body lymphatic drainage, body massage.

Why This Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Get Popular?

Nowadays, more and more person working in office, do not do enough exercise, and person get fatter and fatter. Someone do fat loss with extreme method, such as surgical, liposuction, extreme diet, but these will cause bad effect. And now ultrasonic rf vacuum cavitation machine can help to removal the fat effective and without any pain, eave no need any downtime after treatment of cavitation rf vacuum lipolysis slimming machine.

This ultrasonic vacuum cavitation rf machine can do the perfect results for face lifting and body shaping, by the humanized handles design, operator in salon will not feel too tired after treatment, with the combination handles function, get one machine but can solve many problem, good result for fat burner, body massage, blood circulation, wrinkles removal and V-Shape face.


What is Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment?

Ultrasound cavitation treatment is the effective way to loss weight on the area where can not get cellulite removal by exercise or diet, such as cellulite on both side of waist, and belly, even people keep doing exercise everyday but still get the orange fat and cellulite, but ultrasonic fat cavitation slimming machine can help you to removal this kind of cellulite effectively.


How Can I Do Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments?

Cavitation rf treatment always will cost you 15-45 minutes, if you do the single cavitation treatment at home, then you can do 15 minutes, but we recommend you do the cavitation rf vacuum treatment together, so that you can get the best and fast result to removal weight. Below is the details of cavitation rf vacuum weight loss treatment we recommended for you:

Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum RF
1st Course of Treatment Recommended
Cavitation+RF+Vacuum: 8 sessions
Product need: radio frequency cavitation gel
Treatment Intervals: 3 days

2nd Course of Treatment Recommended
Cavitation+RF+Vacuum: 4 sessions
Product need: radio frequency cavitation gel
Treatment Intervals: 1 week

3rd  Course of Treatment Recommended
Cavitation+RF+Vacuum: 2sessions
Product need: radio frequency cavitation gel
Treatment Intervals: 2 week

Ultrasonic beauty treatment time recommened
Cavitation&RF: 10-15 minutes
Suction&RF: 15 minutes

Where I Can Do S Shape Cavitation Ultrasonic?

Belly, buttock, thigh, leg, arm are the most common treatment area of cavitation slimming. And please notice the cavitation must not use on chest, back.

How Long Can I Get The Result?

As we know, cavitation rf treatment result are different by the different person, because of age, body situation, healthy. Someone can see body size get smaller, facial lifting and tightening after the first treatment, but someone will need some more treatment. But as normal, after 3 courses of cavitation body slimming treatment, most of client can get the expected result.

If I Need To Do More Cavitation RF Treatments For Maintain Result?

Yes, although we get the desired results, but calorie still intake daily, and will affect the effect, just like the exercise. If do not continue, the effect can not last for long time. Besides, with the age glowing, our body metabolism is getting slow down, and skin get loosed because collagen get less. Therefore, we recommended to do a course of treatment every 4 months after you get the good result.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction Before and After


Ultrasonic Slimming Cellulite Remover Reviews



A. Is Ultrasonic Cavitation & RF Painful?

Not, the ultrasonic cavitation & RF is non-surgical weight loss system, you will not feel painful, also the energy will work on the deep skin cells without harmful for the surrounding skin layer.

B. What is the experience for cavitation ultrasonic treatment?

During the ultrasonic cavitatition weight loss treatment, there will have a buzzing sound in the ear, which will make you feel a little uncomfortable, but this is meaning the cavitation ultrasonic energy is vibrating and breaking the fat cells.

C. What should i do before treatment?

Before the treatment, drink 550ml water, keep body relaxing, take off all metal/gold decorations, and wear the professional treatment clothes if need.

D. How will i feeling after ultrasonic cavitation treatment?

Someone will get a little headache after treatment, but this feeling will disappear after 2-3 hours.

E. What should i do after cavitation fat burning treatment?

Do not take a cold shower in 6-10 hours, avoid exposure to the sun after Radio Frequency Treatments for a minimum of 48 hours, eat a sensible diet avoided unnecessary fatty foods and eat more fruit and vegetables.

F. Is there any downtime?

Not, S Shape cavitation slimming treatment will not included the normal life and job, you can do this kind of treatment anytime. But after the suction &RF treatment, the skin will get a bit hot and red which will get well after 1-2 hours.

G. Who can not do this kind of machine?

1. Pregnant women or women during menses.
2. Epileptic
3. Patients with malignancy.
4. Patient who recently has surgery
5. Acute inflammation or epidemic patients.
6. Those with heart diseases or with heart pacemaker..
7. Whom with kidney (gall-stone) disease
8. If you have embedded metal object (I.U.D) or silica gel
9. If you’re menstruating
10. Those who are heat sensitive.
11. Who has the genetic hypersensitivity

H. Where i can get this S Shape cavitation machine?


I. Where i can get more information about S Shape ultrasonic cavitation suction machine?


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