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Judy Hu

I am a girl who love listeng to music, reading, traveling, making friends etc.
And i am a saleswoman who sales all kinds of beauty machines in Mychway company, if u have the demand, contact me at any time,
Life is colorful, as long as you love life, everything in your life will be colored.
Keep good mood everyday and you will be forever 18 years old.


So colorful life is! Hi, this is Sandra. So positive and enthusiastic to provide the service and help to my each friend, my customer! Hope my sales experience could help you solve all problems! Just feel free to contact me without hesitate!

Cristal Zheng

I am a person who is like travel to everywhere,so I like challenge. And at the same time, I am also practical and self-motivated. I am serious and responsible for my work, good at communication, I am a bit introverted, but sometimes cheerful and lively. Although I still lack the necessary experiences, I am energetic and passionate. I will make up for it with time and sweat, and constantly improve myself in actual combat. Being patient and working hard is an optimist. Everything will be observed from the good side. Most are optimistic about things. I like play with different kind of people, because I always believe that there's something good in everyone.So I think we can communicate amusedly!


Maggie Yao, working on beauty machine selling over 4 years. Do you want to know more about body slimming and skin caring? Please feel to contact me any time! Just do it and give yourself a perfect life.

Olivia Deng

Working in a beauty machine company, like beauty products.


Hi,everybody, here is the harry. i am so happy that u know me and leave message to me . I worked for beauty sales about 7 years , more experience , and nice to meet everyone.I provide all technical supporting and inquires.


Alvin xia ,focus on good machines and after-service over 4 years. we should keep smile and slimming. Tailor a good machine for you to create a beautiful myth.

Kelly Cao

My responsibility is to help customers solve all problems and satisfy customers. Everything is customer-center.


I appreciate the girls who pursue beauty perseverely, finally let beauty come out of ashes.

Megan Tan

Everything is ok, and tomorrow will be better!