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Something You Should Know Before You Use Diode Lipo Laser Treatment

The laser lipo suction technique uses lipo lasers to break up fat till it is out from the body, which reduces the need for harsh suction. There are two types of laser liposuction, internal and external.
Beauty Products | Date:01-26-2019
Beauty Products

How Do The Fat Freezing Machines Work?

Fat Freezing Machine uses its vacuum probe to suck and pull up the fat tissue to the cryo cold handle and then uses low temperatures(5, 0, -5, -10, -15 celsius degrees.
Beauty Products | Date:03-15-2019
Aesthetic Technology

What Is A Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser?

The fractional Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers,which have been used to resurface skin for many years.
Aesthetic Technology | Date:03-01-2019
Beauty Products

Something You Know and Don't Know About Radio Frequency 2019

Something for radio frequency skin rejuvenation
Beauty Products | Date:01-01-2000
Aesthetic Technology

How Do Radio-Frequency and Ultrasound Machine Tighten Skin?

The difference between radio frequency skin tightening and ultrasound skin tightening
Aesthetic Technology | Date:01-17-2019
Beauty Products

Does Shockwave Therapy Really Work For Pain Relief?

A shockwave is a pressure wave which can be increased in shot time, and decreased in short time.
Beauty Products | Date:06-15-2019
Beauty Products

What is 808nm diode laser hair removal treatment?

808nm diode laser hair removal
Beauty Products | Date:04-22-2019
Beauty Products

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound For Body Slimming And Face Lifting

HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound technology, it can selectively dissolve specific depth fat cell without damage to the nearby blood vessels, nerves, and muscle tissue.
Beauty Products | Date:05-18-2019
Client Testimonials

My experience for the 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal

Just share my My experience for the 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal treatment
Client Testimonials | Date:12-27-2018
Beauty Products

Something You Need To Know For The Facial High Frequency

Now the facial care is more and more popular. Many people have skin problems such as excessive oiliness or pimples and acne. When we mentioned the acne, we will think of the Acne high-frequency machine. For this, many things about high frequency we should know before we choose the correct high-frequ
Beauty Products | Date:01-05-2019
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