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Hello everyone ,this is Cocota ,I am 30 years old .I like food, reading ,travel and so on. Also I am a salegirl for beauty machine of about 4 years experience. My wish is to sell our machine to every corner of the world, make the beauty machine popular, everyone can afford it and use it, and through it to get a better themselves.

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why use diamond microdermabrasion machine?

A simple introduction face skin instruction ,and how important to do face clear with diamond microdermabrasion machine.
myChway News | Date:03-18-2019
Aesthetic Technology

How to Do DIY Fruit and Vegetable Mask at Home for Your Skin

How to step by step DIY a fruit and vegetable mask for youself
Aesthetic Technology | Date:03-11-2019
myChway News

Why the fat freezing machine is the best way to loss weight in summer?

The best fat freezing home equipment machine use in summer time,what's is fat freezing machine, how the cryolipolysis machine work.
myChway News | Date:03-16-2019
Beauty Products

Back at 18, you can do the same!

----- First time for face treatment experience of S Shape machine
Beauty Products | Date:01-21-2019
Beauty Products

How to choose the ultrasonic Cavitation machine that suits you?

A brief introduction to the ultrasonic Cavitation machine, and there are product combinations, also how to choose your own needs!
Beauty Products | Date:03-06-2019
Beauty Products

Why You Should Buy A Mini S Shape Machine For Facial Skin Care?

Briefly introduce the s shape machine how to effectively face lifting, face tighten,removel wrinkles and skin care.
Beauty Products | Date:03-29-2019
myChway News

Why I recommend new spa diamond microdermabrasion machine

Introduce new spa diamond microdermabrasion machine ,for reach skin tightening, removal blackhead.
myChway News | Date:03-29-2019
Beauty Products

Should I wash my face after face mask?

there are some risk if you don't wash your face after applying the mask
Beauty Products | Date:04-19-2019
Beauty Products

The Time You Need to Know About Using Face Masks

The best time point and precautions of apply the mask
Beauty Products | Date:04-19-2019
Beauty Products

Risks to heath when use unqualified skin care cosmetics which mercury-containing!

Women are generally mercury poisoning! Whitening wrinkle cosmetics is the culprit,and tell methods to test cosmetics for mercury.
Beauty Products | Date:04-19-2019
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