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Your personal beauty customization service

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:11-26-2020

Your personal beauty customization service

With the continuous improvement and development of customers, various industries are facing huge competition and challenges. Therefore, we have to make adjustments to the traditional business model. Changing the strategy is the only way to survive in this competitive environment. Both the traditional industrial industry and the service industry need to make changes. The same is true for the e-commerce industry, which accounts for half of the world's economic aggregate.

Of course, it also includes the beauty service industry. From traditional unified services to personalized customization services today. This kind of transformation can not only better serve customers, but also achieve more professional and refined. It is also more reasonable to use resources and integrate resources. Will not cause too much waste. Such as the time to pay, the waste of customer money. And it has not been targeted. Can't achieve the results that customers expect. To put it bluntly, it is not possible to prescribe the right medicine. There is no targeted solution to the problems that customers urgently need to solve.

We are a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment for R&D and production. In order to solve the problem mentioned above. Our company has also made great adjustments. From the previous traditional foreign trade, exhibitions and other ways to serve customers. Connected to the current online and offline. And launched a system of pre-sales and after-sales integrated service customers. More professional service to our customers. And we also have close ties with a variety of domestic and international beauty medical associations. We are also a member of the China Beauty Medical Association. Our professional attitude has also been recognized by the beauty industry in the industry. We also provide solutions for beauty medical institutions that are about to open a beauty salon or have opened a beauty salon but need to upgrade their equipment and upgrade their services. Because their beauty salons are inseparable from the assistance of beauty equipment. With the help of beauty equipment, it has replaced the traditional methods of relying on manual methods for body care. Halve the beauty process time and double the effect.

What customized services can we do?

1.Service customization

What is service customization? Because we are both self-developed beauty equipment and self-produced beauty equipment. Therefore, our company can provide you with a matching solution. To provide you with professional pre-sales consulting services (including technology, product knowledge, medical solutions and treatment programs); integrated sales services, sales maintenance consulting services. Provide each customer with the corresponding convenience.

2.Customized medical treatment program.

Because our company has many connections with associations and institutions in many industries in China. And every year we will invite some professional cosmetic surgeons to carry out knowledge training. So our professionalism is very strong. And you have a lot of industry beauty medical institutions to find us to customize the beauty program, such as: body weight loss shaping; skin beauty; facial skin beauty whitening; breast enhancement and hip treatment programs training and formulation.
For example: body weight loss + face care, remove acne, face-lift + lymphatic detoxification
For such a set of programs, the instrument, the operation method, the treatment time and the program setting of the supporting products.
Because each customer needs to solve different problems, the treatment plan will be different. Such a plan can not only solve customer problems more specifically, but also save customers some unnecessary beauty project expenses. Increase customer satisfaction.

3.Product customization

4.Because we have a complete R & D and production support facilities, we can do OEM services for dealers around the world, and do logo customization for them. And custom equipment for beauty medical institutions of the world's major brands. Make their own trademarks. Let customers have their own brands. We can not only customize the logo on the surface of the instrument, but also do logo customization in the first-stage boot interface. Support customers to participate in the exhibition and provide customers with the products they want.

5. Customize the market for dealers

Due to the different cultures of each country and the differences in eating habits. Therefore, the body size, physical fitness, and aesthetic standards of each country will also be different. Therefore, different markets will have different needs. In some countries, the demand for frozen weight loss, Ultrasonic cavitation weight loss machine, lipo laser slimming machine is relatively large. However, the shape of people in some countries will generally be relatively strong, and there are not many people who are fat, but they will pay more attention to the shape of the body. I want the perfect shape of the S type. Therefore, it is more like the instrument for breast enhancement and hip lifting. There will be more people using it. We will recommend the corresponding products to our customers according to the actual situation of each country. This is professional customization.

What are the advantages of customized services?

1. Targeted service customization, better and faster service to customers, and solve the problems customers need to solve in the shortest time, including dealers or healers.
2. The customization of the product allows the customer to have his own brand, the brand awareness is greater, and more customer trust can be obtained.
3. The customization of the treatment plan can provide more comprehensive and professional services for the vast number of consumers. Can increase customer trust, stickiness, and the comfort of the customer in receiving treatment. Not only can customers save unnecessary disinfection fees, but also enable merchants to save more time and serve more customers while treating customers. Increase more income.
Customization of the market, opening up the market faster for dealers, selling faster, advantages and income will be more obvious

If you need these customized services, please contact us! Thank you! !


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