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Why Vacuum Therapy Is The Most Healthy Way to Get Breast Buttocks Lift?

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What Is Vacuum Therapy Machine?

Vacuum therapy buttocks machine is a high-end instrument and equipment formed by using modern technology, belonging to the principle of negative pressure suction and discharge, integrating Chinese traditional health care techniques such as meridians and acupoints, massage, qigong, vacuum cupping, scraping and acupuncture, combined with scientific and technological mechanical physiotherapy and ancient Indian yoga.

Butt enhancement machine therapy is a non invasive bbl suction treatment. This is a pain-free and safe process, which can stimulate muscles, help restore the natural elasticity of skin, acupoint massage, remove toxins, butt lifting and breast enlargement, and break fat deposition.

What Is buttock enhancement machine used for?

Treatment for breast enhancement and butt cupping: the spiral high-frequency vibration makes the blood vessels, microvessels, breast ducts, lymphatic vessels and meridians in the breast or body tissue unblocked, strengthens the circulation, transports nutrients to the breast and body tissue, hoards, returns the fat, gathers the fat under the armpit, abdomen, arm and back to the chest, helps the breast grow naturally and breast lift, enhances the elasticity of the skin, and removes the nodules and fibromas in the chest, cyst, beat to scatter, beat to pieces, slowly metabolize out, discharge our body surface, free the pain of operation, prevent breast cancer!


Treatment for body massage&face lifting: The cupping therapy from a negative pressure on local skin through the vacuum inside the cup to stimulate the points on body surface and then transmit to the whole body to relaxation lymph detox, blood circulation.


Treatment for body detox&face firming: Scraping can make the subcutaneous congestion, pore expansion, make the blood vessels of the whole body unobstructed, so as to open and discharge the causes and toxins, which can be solved from sweat. At the same time, it can make sebum secretion unobstructed, skin soft and shiny, booty lift, reduce wrinkles, reduce fat, accelerate metabolism and help lose weight!


Is Butt Vacuum Machine Therapy Safe?

Yes. During a butt vacuum therapy, you may experience a slight pinching sensation while the cups are being applied or removed, but it is pain-free treatment, you won’t having any dangerous side effects.

Traditional cupping machine uses alcohol combustion to exhaust the air in the tank and buckle it directly on the body. In the process of cupping, the pores are always open, and you can't take a bath immediately.
Our butt vacuum therapy machine, it is a breathing tank, one suction and one release! Suction: penetrate 57 cm under the skin and metabolize the garbage toxin in the blood. Promote blood circulation and regulate the body in both directions.
The fact that the professional vacuum therapy treatment is very safe, but there are some contraindications to be aware of

The treatment is not recommended for people and areas of the body with the following :

Severe acne or cysts on the buttocks
Open wounds or lesions
Filling products
Implanted electrical devices
Persons with stents
People having buttock and breast implants
People with varicose veins or a varicose vein package
People with a wound
People with mechanical implants

How Many Buttock Vacuum Treatment Can See Result?

Normally, 2-4 sessions can see good results after 2 week! The most important thing is maintaining the results with a regular vacuum therapy. We recommend 6-8 treatments twice a week, then 1-2 times a month to keep the results.

Vacuum therapy buttocks before and after (Breast Enlargement)

As a result of the vacuum therapy cupping vacuum machine treatment completed, you will obviously easy to see a dip hips butt lifting and breast pump suction to increase size by up to 50-70% after vacuum therapy buttocks before and after pictures like below, that will appear butt lifter and skin tightening. Also get effects of breast enhancement we recommend the use of an cream for buttocks, you can use it after each butt lifting treatment. Let’s see some after session buttocks breast cupping reviews:
- Jessica,February 25, 2021“Great service, informative, very clean and classy. So nice clean courteous!”

-Yomary, March 16, 2021“Loved it! Excellent customer service, machine are very good suction pump and I’m very satisfied with my procedures. It is amazing painless for my first session, The experience was great i’m very pleased, looking for more results , i will do it more sessions in next week, online training video help me lots to do session for my sister”

-Roberto, August 13, 2021 "This actually works. The power is excellent. Easy to control and bought for my wife. She has experienced for 3 times and I’ve seen an improvement in gluteus. happy with this product after 3 times use"


As we can be seen the butt sculpting suction also helps cellulite removal and fat tissue in your thighs and buttocks. So that vacuum therapy is not only used to get a bigger butt. But also for breast enlargement, face vacuum lifting and gua sha detox, Fat ass vacuum shaping more beautiful size.

For the cupping to removal dampness, according chinese medical saying. After cupping vacuum therapy, the skin will be left with different colored pot marks, which can be used to judge the state of the body at that time. Purple-black: There is blood stasis in the body, the qi and blood are blocked. Most of them appear in friends who have pain or are stressed. Bright red: It is caused by heat evil or deficiency in the body, and it may also be related to staying up late. Reddish: normal color, good blood circulation. Off-white: Insufficient qi and blood in the body. There are blisters or water droplets in the tank, it shown heavy moisture in body.

How long does vacuum therapy breast buttocks enhancement last?

Your results will last about 6 months after you completed all session vacuum therapy buttocks enhancement. Also results vary from person to person and because the treatment is non-surgical buttock lift suction, results belong to semi-permanent. So it will require you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results. Like keep exercise 20-30 minutes everyday and healthy eating control, eat less meat, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat less high-sugar foods. it will allow you to get the good results faster. Sure if you want a permanent results, i think it better to with maintenance sessions each mouth 1-2 times, so maybe you can consider about get a best vacuum therapy machine for buttocks breast and massage in home DIY, we will talk with you butt cupping buttocks lift enhancement training course and videos.

Any side effects of breast enlargement butt lift vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is safe and no needles, no surgery vacuum suction body treatment.
vacuum cupping can use on stomach fat, cupping for belly fat, back cupping massage, even for body butt cupping weight loss. You may experience a slight pinching sensation as the cups are being applied or removed, but otherwise it is pain-free and hand- free! and most important our machine use the smart vacuum pump suction control technology, it will auto adjust the suction holding time in case of too big or too small suction in short time, so it can maximum pain relief. It’s completely no risk of bleeding, infection, or other complications. It’s normal to experience some light bruising, redness and numbness following treatment, but this should subside within a day or two. Then also will not impact your ability to go back to work or daily exercise. So butt enhancement vacuum therapy machine treatment is no dangerous and also suit for home use by self. The massage head on back is a good way to get body relax after daily work.

What is vacuum therapy buttocks cost ?

Buttocks vacuum therapy treatment is very popular and more safety non invasive all over the world. When people want to do buttock vacuum therapy treatment, how much is the vacuum therapy buttock cost? It has two options.

First,if you are a lazy people or who doubt does vacuum therapy work ,you can choose go to spa, do the buttock vacuum lift treatment.it will cost about 90USD to 120 USD for one time, If Packages, it will some discount off, like 3-6 times 15% off, 10-12 times 20% off each month for 2 or 3 times.

Second.More people Consider buy a vacuum therapy machine cause cupping vacuum therapy machine operation is so simply and safety, and right now can search operation video from www.youtube.com, find the mychway channel which provide all vacuum therapy treatment Course. A vacuum therapy machine cost about 100USD to 300USD. During the holiday or shopping festive like black Friday, The cost will be going down. Having your own machine at home will enable you to save a lot of money and allow you to have an unlimited number of sessions. It is most advantage for this way, Here is machine we recommend of newest smart auto cupping suction control system butt lift machine

How to use vacuum therapy machine?

Vacuum Therapy machine is a simple using way machine whie help people get good healthy in the daily.

Vacuum therapy machine is used on Breast, Buttock,Belly,Back,Leg,Face.

-- Vacuum Therapy machine work on Breast.
Before use the breast vacuum therapy,need to massage the breast lightly with oil or massage cream.Then choose the breast cups cover the breast. Setting the breast lifting mode, working time about 10-20minutes.Adjust the comfortable suction power. Each week for one times.

--Buttock Vacuum Therapy
As usually massage the buttocks and the area around buttocks before starting the buttocks vacuum. After 20-30 minutes massage time.choose the fitting buttocks cup, set mode the body rhythm-1 or body rythm-2.working time about 20minutes. Each week for one times.

--Face beauty vacuum therapy
Before the face beauty cupping vacuum treatment,do cleaning face with warm water. Choose the face vacuum Therapy Gourd Cups, slightly move on skin, about 20minutes on full face. At the end of that. Should be take care face skin condition, avoid face to meet the wind. Each week for 2 times.

--vacuum therapy on stomach
Before Choose proper cups to fix them on the abdomen and waist, 5-10 minutes(based on customer’s situation),and Should do massage on stomach with hot oil about 15 minutes. Each week for one times.
Here is details training instructions:
Use Manual links:
Video here:

Why choose vacuum therapy machine?

Vacuum therapy machine,based on an ancient medical methord in which a therapist use different cups suction people skin in some minutes. People take the vacuum therapy treatment help people get many purposes ,including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxtion ,deep issue massage,loss weight, body shaping, face shaping.

Nowday vacuum therapy treatment go into people daily deeply,since vacuum therapy machine has been invented. cos ancient Vacuum therapy take hot gas with fire and the vacuum therapy cups is made of bamboo. and a operater with more experience who operate the traditional vacuum therapy treatment with simple cups.

Vacuum therapy machine just take electric pump to provide low and safety air with special cups on people skin to create the suction. vacuum therapy machine provide 4 kinds of cups.

--Breast Enhancement Buttocks Massage Cups
Breast enhancement cups work on women breast,Through the Vacuum Massage help breast get good result breast lift,breast shaping and avoid mastoptosis,dredge mammary gland blocked,and stimulate gonadotrophins Incretion,oarium secrete more female hormone.

--Metal Finger Moving Cups
It has 3 size Metal finger moving probe, help regulate blood circulation and remove the blood stasis, relax tendons and collaterals, expel evil spirits and detoxify. Apply on healthy and beauty.

--Gourd Cups For Scrub Vacuum Therapy Treatment
Gourd cups, is a scrub vacuum therapy on face and neck. Through the gourd cups scrub vacuum skin to stimulate face or neck nerves, promote the skin blood circulation,improve the skin metabolism. Help skin avoid Dark skin, acne, spots, yellowness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, loose and aging face, lines on expression, spots of melanin precipitation, fat ptosis, tinnitus, hearing loss, inattention, memory loss, etc.

--Gas Cups For Cupping Vacuum Therapy Treatment
Cupping vacuum therapy treatment is used to do pain, blood flow, massage weight loss, cellulite removal vacuum therapy on back ,belly, arm ,buttocks and arm. Cupping Vacuum improve the body shaping.

Most people do not know about such vacuum machines but if you have read all considers, you will know what to do and how to achieve that perfect body by vacuum therapy technology. You can easily do the whole procedures at your home even by yourself once you get a vacuum therapy machine. You can use this machine for your spare time and it help with you get dream body size easily. Most important it is the physiotherapy techniques non surgical, painless treatment. vacuum butt lift machine can help you get benefits of butt cupping and butt breast enhancement in a healthy way.

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