What's The Difference Between 40K Cavitation And 60K Cavitation Machine?

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Not all ultrasonic cavitation machines have the same performance. You may wonder what kind of machine has the better cavitation effect, 40K or 60k. when you want to buy one. What’s behind the numbers? Actually, those numbers represent the times the ultrasonic wave vibrates in one second, which is its frequency. It is not the case that the bigger the number is, the better the effect will be. The effect varies, depending on which fat layer you want to reduce. Some think 40k is better, but some prefer 60k, holding that they can experience milder condition of tinnitus. What should be emphasized is that both machines can deliver noticeable results by bursting adipose cells without harm to your skin.

1.The Differences Between 40K and 60K

1)Different frequencies

40k machine can produce ultrasonic wave that vibrates 40,000 times per second to act on your adipose cells. Similarly, 60k machine works with the vibration of 60,000 times per second, which makes you suffer from milder condition of tinnitus.

2)Different depths of treated fat layer

Having lower frequency than 60k, 40k can act on deeper fat layer. Of course, it doesn’t mean 60k is less effective. Due to the difference of individual constitution, some people’s adipose cells will burst only under the influence of 60k instead of 40k. individual constitution.

3)Different prices

40k is widely used in beauty salons and spa center and its price ranges from three or four hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars while 60k is usually used at homes and people can easily buy one at the price of below 200 dollars. Our latest 60k ultrasonic machine is well worth your consideration.


This is a model of 60k ultrasonic cavitation machine adopting cavitation 2.5 technology. High-frequency vibration acts on adipose cells to promote their dissolution. What’s more, blood circulation can be promoted and skin elasticity will be increased during the process.

2.How does the 60k machine work?

The 60k ultrasonic machine works to produce 60khz ultrasonic wave acting on adipose cells. When the working handle moves on skin, those cells will be vibrated and then heated up. What’s next is small bubbles or vacuums will form among them, which can help burst and liquefy those cells in the end due to air pressure. Fat in adipose cells will be released into body and eventually excreted through lymphatic system and urinary system.

3.Advantages of 60K cavitation machine

-Suitable to reduce fat locally or bodily
60k cavitation machine can be used on any part with unwanted fat of human body such as abdomen, thigh, arm, waist and hip.

- Non-invasive
Compared with surgeries like liposuction, the treatment of 60k cavitation machine is totally non-invasive. The use of anaesthetic and blood collection are not needed. And you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. So it is one of the safest ways to reduce fat.

-Short treatment process

It is a short process. Each treatment may takes only 15-20 minutes. 2-3 treatments a week is enough. And after one treatment, you can soon continue your life and work without any inconvenience.

-Easy operation and observable effectiveness
It is easy to operate. All you need to do is moving the handle on the areas where you want treatment and keeping taking 10-12 courses of treatment. It provides a practicable approach for most people to reduce fat. In addition, you need to keep a healthy diet, drink more water and take enough exercise. Some people can notice some changes just after one treatment. But typically speaking, it takes about 2-3 courses of treatment for you to see the effects. And you need at least 6-12 courses to get satisfactory results, depending on your body condition.

4.What are the side effects of the 60k cavitation machine?

Though the side effects brought by the cavitation machine are barely reported, they still exist with negligible impact on human body. Skin redness, rise in body temperature, temporary sickness and thirst are typically seen, which are normal reactions after treatment and will gradually disappear in 1-2 days.

5.How long can the fat-reducing effect last?

60k machine helps release fat from the adipose cells and then shrink them. In order to maintain the effect to the maximum, we need to keep a healthy diet and take regular exercise to prevent us from regain fat.

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