What is Cavitation

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Cavitation machine is a localized fat-burning machine used for cosmetic and beautifying procedures to get rid of fat from problem areas like belly, waist, thighs, glutes, upper arm, and face.

These machines are a non-invasive and pain-free alternative to liposuction. They use high-frequency heat and sound waves that penetrate your skin to break down the fat cells. The liquefied fat cells are then excreted naturally by the liver through the lymphatic system. Small and portable cavitation machines can be used at home to get a toned and sculpted body.

Types Of Cavitation Machines

1. Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Ultrasonic cavitation machines are the most popular cavitation machines. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) machines use 2-7.5 MHz pulse of vibrations for a designated time through a stainless steel probe head. It heats up the focused area to spot-reduce fat. These machines usually have two levels – low for sensitive skin, and high for areas with thicker skin.

2. Radio Frequency Device (RF)

Radio Frequency (RF) cavitation devices emit radio frequencies of 3-24 GHz . The RF radiation heats the collagen-rich layers of your skin, called the ‘dermis.’ This helps tighten the skin, regenerate collagen, and reduce cellulite
and wrinkles. Radio frequency cavitation machines help improve the texture and appearance of your skin. There are various types of RF cavitation devices:
Bipolar RF devices are used for face lifting, which can reduce saggy skin and wrinkles.
Tripolar RF devices are for treating the delicate skin around the eyes.
Hexapolar RF devices are meant for treating thicker skin and removing cellulite.

3. Infrared (IR) Light

Some cavitation machines use infrared light that penetrates the skin and generates heat. This preps the skin for better and deeper penetration of the radio frequency energy in the targeted tissue. It increases blood circulation and helps your body recover and heal quickly after an injury.

4. EMS

EMS is an Electronic Muscle Stimulator that produces low-frequency electrical impulses through electrode pads, which cause the muscles to contract. This way, your muscles exert more than 4000 joules per second.
The muscle contraction can be frequent or can help for several seconds. This deep and intense muscle contraction helps massage the muscles, thereby helping to make the body look more toned and sculpted.

Below are some popular ones in market:


How Safe Are Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines?

Although ultrasonic cavitation is a pain-free, non-invasive, and non-surgical procedure, there is a slight chance of skin burns if the treatment is done for more than 10-20 minutes per session. During the treatment, you will feel some warmth due to the high-frequency heat waves. This may last until a day. To prevent redness and burns, you must check the user manual and stick to the time mentioned in the manual.
For people with liver issues, this process may not be 100% successful as this organ needs to function well to lose the decomposed fat.
Check out the next section to find who should and should not use an ultrasonic cavitation machine.

How To Use A Cavitation Machine?

Apply The Ultrasound Gel: Before placing the node on the desired part of the body, apply the ultrasound gel at 3-5 mm thickness. The gel is provided with the device. It helps create a protective barrier between the skin and the device, allows smooth operation, and helps the ultrasound massager reach deeper into the skin.
Switch The Power Button On: Every ultrasonic cavitation machine comes with a power button, either on the node or on the machine. Switch it on tostart the ultrasonic cavitation machine.
Set The Desired Feature: The cavitation machines come with various settings and features on the control panel. It may have settings like EMS, infrared, and sonic. You may also set the timer and the intensity of vibration. Check the manual for more clarity.
Massage The Problem Area: Start massaging the problem area in a circular or sliding motion. Make sure to cover the whole problem area.
Adjust The Intensity: Change the intensity level according to the instructions and your comfort.
Figure Out How Frequently To Use It: You can use the machine approximately every 3-4 days for 10-20 minutes each time. After the first two weeks, you can use the machine just once a week.

Who May Use A Cavitation Machine

Cavitation machines are ideal for healthy individuals who want to lose anywhere between 5-100 pounds. They are not effective for reducing obesity. These devices are mainly used for getting rid of the last-standing stubborn fat and for shaping the thighs, legs, waist, upper arms, and belly. Cavitation machines are a good choice for people who want to tone certain areas of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo any surgical treatment like liposuction.

Who Should Not Use A Cavitation Machine

The following people should not use a cavitation machine:
Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Menstruating women.
People with cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes, skin cancer, fatty liver, epilepsy, and malignant tumor.
People with photosensitive skin.
People with skin infection, burnt skin, skin allergies, and anticoagulant disorder.
People with surgical scars.
People with cancer and weak immunity.
People with metallic implants.

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