What Cavitation 3.0 Machine Should Be

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If you ever went to a beauty salon or a spa center, you could easily see they use RF or cavitation machines to help you sculpt the body and firm the skin. But you might ignore the versions of the cavitation machine. Some beauty salons have upgraded it to cavitation 2.0, while some still use cavitation 1.0. People are always looking for better and more effective ways to lose weight. A cavitation machine is a good choice for non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. However, people always want to have a faster and better effect. Based on cavitation 2.0 and instant improvements, here we embrace the era of cavitation 3.0.

So what precisely is a cavitation 3.0? And what are its differences? Why should we choose it? Here I am going to tell you one by one.

1.What is a Cavitation 3.0 Machine?

In terms of cavitation 3.0, we have to discuss the concept--ultrasonic cavitation. It uses low-frequency sound waves to blast the body's excess fat, which is dissolved into free fatty acid and glycerinum and discharged through the lymphatic and urinary systems, achieving weight loss and body shaping. Based on cavitation 2.0, cavitation 3.0 enhances the energy of ultrasound and improves the sensing effect of the sound waves. And its energy can be more focused when it targets deep-seated fat. Therefore, the curative effect of cavitation 3.0 will be improved multiple times and be faster.

This cavitation 3.0 owns two handpieces. One unites cavitation and massage with vacuum, which dissolves the fat and blasts the fat instantly. The other integrates cavitation and massage with vacuum, which helps lift, shape the body, and firm the skin. In addition to this, we have the optional micro-current pads, which can dredge channels and collaterals and acupoints, maintain shaping effect, promote body metabolism, activate cells, and lift and tighten the skin.


2.Why Should We Choose Cavitation 3.0 Machine?

Generally speaking, cavitation 3.0 is easier to use than 2.0. And it has a faster and more evident effect.

1)New Ultrasonic Transducer

We redesign a new ultrasonic transducer based on the 2.0 cavitation technique with more robust and focused energy. The ultrasonic transducer of Cavitation 2.0 can only output power in one point, while the power output of 3.0 can cover all the area.

2)Work Efficiency

Since cavitation 3.0 has a stronger ultrasonic transducer and more focused energy, it saves more working time and improves treatment efficiency.

3)Two Functions Unite in One Machine Presents Double Effects

Storm vacuum can accumulate cellulite, and cavitation 3.0 can blast them collectively. Massaging the skin and muscle with a specifically designed vacuum sucker can effectively improve the cells' body fluid movement, increase cell activity, and improve skin elasticity. Meanwhile, it can accelerate blood circulation, discharge toxins normally via the lymphatic system, shaping and slimming the body effectively,


Its handpiece is made of more high-quality and energy-saving material, which can effectively lower the loss rate.

3.The Recommended Cavitation 3.0 Machine

CaVstorm Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 uses a stronger sound wave head to gather the more powerful sound waves. By emitting sound waves of frequency of 40kHz, it can blast deep-seated fat and effectively consume energy and moisture. When the fat cells burst, they are dissolved instantly. Thus, it helps to decrease more fat cells.

CaVstorm Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 owns two handpieces, and each handpiece includes two functions. You can use the two functions of one handpiece simultaneously, or you can detach the vacuum cup and use the only function. It makes body shaping and weight loss easier.

4.FAQs about Cavitation 3.0 Machine

1)Is it safe to use the Cavitation 3.0 Machine?

It always uses a non-invasive and painless way to reduce fat. It causes no risk as long as you abide by the rules and cautions.

2)How many times of treatment does it take to achieve the expected effect?

We advise you to take 8 to 12 times of treatments to gain the optimum effect. For the first two weeks, we suggest you have at least four times of treatments. Each time should have an interval of 72 hours and lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It's advised to have the treatment once a week after the two weeks. You can see the best effect if you take ten times of treatment regularly.

3)What are the feelings during and after the treatment?

During the treatment, you may feel sick, or the targeted area feels warm and slight pricking sensation. Don't worry about it. It's normal. It means ultrasound is working. Your body temperature will rise soon after treatment, which means your body is detoxing and removing the excess fat.

4)Which body parts can I use the machine?

Usually, the machine can be used on almost all the body parts, except for the rim of the eyes, back, and around the heart. It focuses on one area each time. And its effect is better than focusing on various areas during treatment.

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