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The Pros and Cons of Different Hair Removal Methods

  • Author: VincyDate:11-03-2021

Methods of hair removal have come a long way since cavemen used seashells to pluck their unnecessary follicles. Whether it's hair on the face, armpits, legs, bikini line, or other parts of the body, many women and men are intent upon getting rid of it. Now, there are many more options for hair removal methods than ever before. But which of them is the best one for you? Not all skin types are the same. So, you want hair removal methods that work best for you and leaves your skin clean and healthy. If you’re struggling with hair removal from any part of your body, here are the most popular and practical ways to get rid of your hair. Choose the best option to suit you.


Shaving is everyone's first introduction to hair removal. It's also the most temporary method of hair removal. Shaving cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin. Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not make the hair shaft thicker or darker. It also does not make hair grow faster or slower. It does, however, cause hair to grow in with a blunt tip rather than a natural, tapered tip, which is what makes hair noticeable.

Get a more effective shave by moisturizing the skin first. Shaving cream, hair conditioner, and body wash help a razor glide smoothly over the skin and help prevent nicks, cuts, and scrapes.


*Products and supplies are cheap and easily accessible at many stores.
*Simple and quick to do with very little experience needed to learn the procedure.
*Can easily remove hair from large areas such as legs and underarms.
*Modern razors and shaving creams or gels also contain moisturizers.
*The electric razors are much quicker, and you can use them on dry skin.


There is a risk of cuts, abrasions, and burning of rash or inflammation of sensitive skin.
*Potential for ingrown hair, which can be painful in vulnerable areas
*It leaves the hair with a blunt end that feels rough as it grows back.
*It leaves the root intact, meaning it takes less time for regrowth to be visible.
*Usually, wet, lathery skin is required when in the shower or bath.

 2. Waxing & Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring have similar phases in their process. But they use different materials to obtain the result. Apply wax or sugar paste to the skin where you want to remove the hair. Then cover it with a fabric or special paper. Remove the paper or fabric quickly. This will pull the hair out of the root. There are several home-made waxing and sugaring kits. Still, they may require several practice applications before you get the best results. There are areas of the body that you’re not going to be able to do it on your own.


*Full hair removal down to the root results in longer periods between visible regrowth.
*You can use it in almost every part of the body.
*Save time on your shower or bath routine.
*Waxed or sugared skin is less likely to produce ingrown hair.


*Specialist waxing or sugaring treatments can be expensive.
*Since all the hair gets pulled out of the skin, certain people find the experience unpleasant or uncomfortable.
*Some waxes cause transient skin irritation (less likely with sugaring).
*Both waxing and sugaring require some increase in the wax/paste treatments to have some length of hair to adhere to.


3. Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology has helped us achieve permanent hair removal. This is a great advantage for many people who are tired of repeatedly removing hair. Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles with specially configured lasers to slow down hair development. And it effectively prevents hair from developing at all. Several laser treatments achieve a permanent hair removal result. You can only perform laser hair removal at certified and licensed laser hair removal providers. The efficacy of laser hair removal depends heavily on the patients’ skin tone. Darker skin tones requiring even more caution in determining treatment suitability.


*Once treatments are complete, the hair will be permanently removed and will not grow again.
*You can do it at nearly every place on the body. 
*The process is typically less painful than waxing or sugaring.


*Most laser treatments are costly, depending on the extent of hair removal you want.
*Several therapies are required, and the procedure can take several months to complete.
*Some patients feel temporary pain or inflammation on the treated skin.
*Not ideal for skin with very dark tones

4.Depilatory Creams

Creams for hair removal often referred to as depilatory, are not suitable for all. Stay away from it if you have sensitive skin. Depilatory creams contain chemicals that greatly weaken the hair follicle to the point where you can remove it easily.

These creams work by applying them directly to the skin where you want to remove hair. And after a predetermined amount of time has passed, the creams are scraped off along with the hair removed.

Due to the quality of the chemicals found in depilatory creams, users must use caution to ensure that the cream does not stay too long on the skin. This can lead to rashes and irritation, particularly for people with more sensitive skin.


* Easy to use and widely available.
*You can do it at home.
*The creams help extract the hair below the skin’s surface. So, it may take longer to develop and become visible.


*Chemicals found in the creams can cause irritation and discomfort.
*Depilatories have strong odors from the chemicals used.
*Possibility of ingrown hair.
*Not to be used in sensitive areas of the skin.

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