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The Effects, Recommendation, and Maintenance of the Cavitation Machine

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1.Dispersion Effect: Ultrasound can improve the permeability of the biomembrane. Under the influence of ultrasound, cytomembrane can greatly change the permeability of potassium and calcium ions. Thus, it enhances the dispersion of the biomembrane, promotes the interchange of material, accelerates metabolism, and improve histotrophic nutrition.

2.Thixotropy Effect: Under the impact of ultrasound, it can translate gel into collosol, softens muscles and muscle-tendon, and change the pathology that related to hydropenic tissue. For example, the lesion of rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment of the degenerative change of the joints, muscle tendon, and ligament.

3.Cavitation Effect: After the cavitation has formed, it either keeps the steady single-way vibration or continues to swell until breakdown. And it changes cell function, increases the level of intracellular calcium, activates fibroblast, increases protein synthesis, enhances vascular permeability, accelerates vascularization, and raises collagen tension.

4.Polymerization & Depolymerization: The polymerization of the hydrone is a process that unites various molecules of the same or similar into micromolecules. The depolymerization of macromolecules is a process that changes macromolecules into micromolecules, which can increase the hydrolase and enzymatic activity of the joints.

5.Inflammation Diminishing & Cell and Molecule Repairing: Under the impact of ultrasound, it can force the PH of the tissue to close to alkaline and alleviate local acidosis that accompanied by inflammation. Ultrasound can affect the blood flow volume, generate an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibit and resist inflammation, cause white cells to move, promote vascularization, boost collagen synthesis and maturity, stimulate or inhibit the repair and healing of the injury. Thus, to clean, activate, and repair the impaired cell tissue.

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The combination of RF & Ultrasonic Cavitation. Ultrasound breaks fat first, thus improving the performance of RF. Its heat effect acts on free fatty acid and glycerin, which enhances blood circulation and makes free fatty acid and glycerin be absorbed by the lymphatic system and be discharged from the body. In this way, it can effectively promote the metabolism of the adipose tissue, increase collagenocyte, repair aging and injured skin, remove wrinkles instantly, tighten skin, contract pores, alleviate muscle pain, and boost skin elasticity. Compared with low-frequency, it can reach the deep layer of the skin. Since it has a stronger penetrating power, it can multiply the times of fat breaking.


2.5 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines

It’s comfortable, painless, non-invasive, and injury-free during treatment. And it requires no convalescence and will not affect normal work and life after treatment.
No consumption, low cost, but with a quick return. Small in size makes it easy to carry and to learn. One machine has two functions, and it can be used both at home and in a beauty salon.

Breakthrough: Unite heating, vibration, and ultrasound. Compared to traditional ultrasonic cavitation, this equipment has a more evident effect.


Maintenance Handbook

1.Ensure that the voltage and power of the equipment are set properly and that the local voltage is stable. If it’s not stable, a voltage regulator must be added. And a grounding wire must be used to ensure safety.

2.To guarantee the curative effect and normal service life of the equipment, please uniformly use specified parts provided by the original manufacturer or suggested by the designated parts manufacturer.

3.Don’t place the equipment near a strong heat source since this may affect its service life and normal use.

4.Don’t use the equipment under an extreme temperature conditions since this may affect its service life, normal use, or even cause equipment damage.

5.Please remove all the metal objects from the body before treatment to avoid unexpected situations which may affect the curative effect.

6.Please restrain from using the equipment aiming at eyes, thyroid, parathyroid, testicles, back, pregnant woman’s abdomen, pacemaker, etc.

7.Those who are suffering from an illness(such as hypertension, heart disease, etc.) should use it with caution unless they get permission from a doctor.

8.Please turn the equipment’s power switch off if no one uses it, and ensure the main power is off after everything was settled, thus the safety of the equipment can be guaranteed.

9.It’s advised to stop taking other weight-loss medicines for 1 to 2 months before treatment.

10.Don't use the instrument with an empty stomach, and wait for at least 1 hour after a full meal before starting the course for weight reduction. After treatment, don’t take shower within 4 hours.

11.Before treatment, apply gel evenly to the treated parts. The equipment cannot touch the skin directly. When using it, the parts to be treated must be kept moist, and dry skin treatment should be avoided.

12.The instrument should contact the skin fully to avoid discomfort or scalding caused by uneven heating.

13.To operate with the lowest energy level when just started, and increase the level gradually after the client got used to it.

14.After the operation, clean the instrument with normal saline or wet tissue, and keep it dry and properly to extend its service life.

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