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The Development of Cavitation Machine and How to Choose It

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In recent years, more and more product designers have tried to integrate the function of single beauty equipment into one, so as to gain a better experience. For example, they combine together ultrasonic cavitation and RF, RF and vacuum. It means one handle can own two or even more functions, which is the result of advances in science and technology and also a development trend in the future. It makes the machine simple but not complicated, fashionable but not without dynamism.


When ultrasound enters into human body, it generates a strong impact from fat cells and friction among them. The sound wave, with a strong vibrational frequency of 10,000 times per second, can reach directly to subcutaneous tissue that is 1 to 6cm deep. And the wave can stimulate fat cells in deep layer, warm up deep skin, and make blood capillary and lymphatic tissue of deep layer circulated and unobstructed. Moreover, it penetrates into the deep layer of fat to decompose it, thus reducing the quantity of fat directly.


When ultrasound and RF are blended, heating effect of RF will act on free fatty acid and glycerin to enhance blood circulation and to make free fatty acid and glycerin be absorbed by lymphatic system and to be discharged from body. In this way it can effectively promote metabolism of adipose tissue, increase collagenocyte, repair aging and injured skin, remove wrinkles instantly, tighten skin, contract pores, alleviate muscle pain, and boost skin’s elasticity.



1.It’s reliable, safe, painless, and without causing redness or burning sensation.
2.It requires a few time for the treatment(about 15 to 30 minutes).
3.It can be used on any parts with obesity or fat accumulation, except for back.
4.With a high-tech design, it’s secure and easy to use.
5.Its effect can be lasted for a long time after finishing the course of treatment. And you don’t have to worry it may get rebound quickly.
6.It destroys tissue selectively, and ultrasound only destroys low-density adipose tissue with a specialized frequency. By doing so, it protects high-density tissue as nervus vascularis.


Generally speaking, cavitation machine is divided into commercial use and home use.
As its name implies, commercial use ones are commonly found in beauty salons, micro-plastic surgery institutions and training school. The machines they use are mostly of high power and energy intensity. And most of them are vertical type and more professional. Usually, it requires operators to take professional training before using it and to acquire relevant qualification authentication and permit to operate.

For home use ones, however, mostly are portable, easy to carry and without occupying space. And its energy intensity is a little bit lower than that of commercial ones, and it can be operated after taking a brief training or in accordance with instruction. It has a higher security, and a lower threshold for operation.

How to Choose

To select it in accordance with your demands. For commercial use, we should consider more about its power consumption, energy intensity, after-sales service, service cycle, etc.
The highlight of commercial use machine is that it owns various functions.
1.It reduces the time of handle replacement, avoids treatment interruption that caused by handle change or testing of equipment, and shuns the shortcomings of skin temperature adaptation and time wasting. Thus, it improves customer experience.
2.Two functions or various functions can be used on skin simultaneously, which can achieve complementary and better effect.
3.One machine with multifunction can reduce cost, increase efficiency and create high benefit.

For home use ones, we don’t use them quite often. Thus, its service life and consumption are superior than that of commercial ones as long as we operate and maintain it properly. Therefore, its upgrading is not that fast. We can consider more about product quality and price when choosing it.

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