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The Best Way To Get Your Unique Beauty Helper-Customized Beauty Machine

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Now the pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more fashionable. A lot of beauty equipment appeared one after another, like cavitation slimming machine, lipo laser beauty slimming machine, fat freezing machine, radio frequency skin tightening machine facial care beauty machine and much other beauty types of equipment. But sometimes you will find that these beauty equipment are similar, it is difficult to choose the beauty equipment you need. Sometimes you will find that you need some of the functions of the beauty machine while other functions are useless for you. Here I bring you a good news-Customized Beauty Machines.

What is customized beauty machines?

Customize means to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications. Customize something just to make it exactly what you want. If you put the sticker on a regular old notebook, you can customize it. Customized beauty machines mean you can make the beauty machine as exactly you want.


What are the benefits of customized beauty machines?

First, you can avoid the high risk if inventory, maybe you have a perfect idea for some beauty machines, but hardly to make it come true. The factory needs a large quantity to produce beauty machines. But you do not need so many machines. Second, we have test what material is the best to produce the machine to make sure the quality of the machine is good. Third, you can avoid having a large quantity of stock of the beauty machines you want as a distributor. Finally and most importantly, your beauty machine can be unique and different from others.


What can be customized of the beauty machine?

ID design: You can design the appearance of the machine. Vertical or portable. The position to put the handles, screen. Color. Size etc.
MD design: If you are interested, you can design the inner part of the machine and parts.
Accessories: You can decide which function you need like cavitation handle, radio frequency handle, microdermabrasion handle, lipo laser pads, etc.
Package design: DIY the package with your logo or your special idea.


How to customize the beauty machines?

First step: Make a propose, telling us your idea about the beauty machine, the appearance, the accessories, the inner part of the machine and the package and also your logo.
Second step: We will help you assess whether your design is feasible or where it can be improved.
Third step: Your unique design is completed, and it is perfectly presented to us.
Fourth step: The beauty machine is produced as the program which we have reached an agreement.
Last step: We will ship out the machine to you and provide after-sale service. If you have any question about the machine or where to improve you can contact us.


Why we can do the customized beauty machines for you?

We have 10 years of experience in the beauty and health area and we are doing business with customers in more than 16 countries and regions, selling them beauty machines and providing after-sales service. We have our own 4000 square meters of the factory with 4 professional product lines which can provide you the beauty machine timely. We also have three R&D teams to support your design and your idea to help it to be true. Finally, we provide 7*24H online customer service to make sure you can contact us at any time you need and get rid of the worry about after-sales. We are here to answer your questions.

No matter you need the beauty machines for individual use or for beauty salon or you is a distributor selling beauty machines. Here is the best place to get the most satisfying beauty machine which is different from others and get the exact beauty machine that you need. And here is the best place to help you make your idea come true. Maybe you have better suggestions for customized beauty instruments if you have other ideas about customization, welcome to give us your valuable idea!

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My name is Sophia. I am a positive and optimistic girl who is hardworking and with great patience. I often solve various difficult problems for my clients to give them the best experience of purchasing and after-sale service. So I have established a good trust between me and my clients. We are business partner and also friends. If you have any question on beauty machines, come and consult me.
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